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Has anyone here had a second j pouch made? Please share your story if so, any info. on how it differs from your first, challenges, problems, good things, etc. would help. Also what is it like. having the first pouch excised (the thought of that is a bit terrifying to me…)

I have a temporary ostomy because my first j pouch tanked out with major functional issues caused by a twist from matted adhesions. I need to decide whether to make it permanent (which I’m leaning towards) or getting a second j pouch. I

thanks very much.

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I am just exploring all options, I like to have all the info before deciding. I appreciate your ostomy has been good to you but I’ve had a few issues worth considering in the quality of life department, although 8m leaning towards keeping it. I have to have major surgery either way to make it an end ostomy instead of a loop and take out my old j pouch, so it isn’t choosing between surgery vs no surgery, but instead choosing between 2 dif surgical options.

Hi! I just got my second J-pouch in September. I have a temporary ileostomy right now while it heals.
Long story short, I went to Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion after having my takedown on 7/12/22 I suffered with lots of pain, unable to empty, blood and burning. I was told it was pouchitis. When I got to Cleveland Clinic, they realized my j-pouch was twisted 360 degrees and was leaking. I had open surgery to remove my current J-pouch, make a new one and now have a temporary double barrel.
I cannot recommend my surgeon Dr. Holubar enough. He is amazing and took great care.

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