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those who have prior experience with milk of magnesia to clean the bowels of stool...


on the 'net it says dont chill it everywhere, store at room temperature. does this exclude me from being able to chill it the evening before consumption?


kind of ridiculous the dr wants me to drink all 8 or 10 oz thats in the bottle, my scope on tuesday october 6th is not until 3pm.  I plan on eating normally today, sunday, october 4th and having a light breakfast and lunch on monday then at 6pm on the 5th am suppose to chug 2 tablespoons every 15 minutes until i consume the 8 or 10oz size bottle.



can i chill the milk of mag? 


how bad is the salt taste in it? will my lips feel salty afterward? i cant think of anything but how terrible the fleet preps are and the golightly crap, is this milk of mag just as terrible?  they gave me "cherry flavor"..


i will be as hungry as a wolf not eating from 1/2 of monday until after the scopes upper and sigmoidoscopy are done, not going in till 3pm...


im going nuts obsessing over vomiting as my gag reflexes are terrible if this milk of mag is going to be just as bad.


thanks for any imput, again.




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thank you, jan.


i am going to try and put a smiggen on my finger or on a spoon and lick it.


surprised you say it is minty even though the flavor given was cherry.


I was thinking this stuff is going to be like jugging down barium for a ct scan or mri, LOL.


based on your response, this wont be a terrible experience.


i didnt think that refrigerating it will interfere with consistancy of the stuff/not being able to pour. im putting a bottle of diet gingle ale in the fridge this evening. I think the  ginger ale will help mask any faultyness in the taste.


i do feel a little better now, based on what you've written.


thank you again,



Don't expect it to actually taste like cherry. More like fake medicine cherry. I haven't had the cherry flavored MOM, just the standard stuff and that was decades ago. But all the other cherry flavored meds I've had were just OK. It tastes like any other antacid. Of course, everyone has their own threshholds on what is good, bad, or downright nasty. 


Remember, you are only taking a swallow at a time. The only prep I've had to take that ever truly gagged me was castor oil.



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hey jan,


thanks.  I did well on the M O M prep tonight. my scope is at 3pm.


it is not terrible but i didnt complete the 12 oz bottle. i left about 3 doses worth or so of MOM in the bottle because my body just said it can't swallow anymore and i will throw up. (i drank about 8oz of ice cold water) after chugging each dose down)


in short this is the prep i will be asking for from now on for my flex sig's...why on earth the other dr never offered me it i don't know, but i know each g.i. dr has his/her own protocol on what they prefer.


i specifically requested this, this time around and the doc prescribed it.


i does taste cherry like, kinda immitation but certainly it makes for a palatable/drinkable drink as means of prep for a flex sig.


alot of obsessing on my part took place, but i am alive and it was not terrible and im here to say so!


it didnt  take long to get to no matter down at the bottom of the toilet, i was quite already there as i had just liquids all day today..this late still passing yellowish water a tiny bit cloudy but the dr will see the view in there of all the polyps just fine.


and old hand at this i am..scoped since age 22 and 37 now


p.s. i wish more folks would answer, i know you arent the only one paying attention here and plenty of other members here have experienced M O M and could have chimed in to help..





this morning i had two thin "floaters" i.e. pieces of thin brown stool in the yellow water,


could i still pass the test of flex sig successfully? in the previous post i mentioned i didnt finish the entire 12 oz bottle. I had maybe 4 oz left in there at the bottom. my body just said i had enough, and i was over the sink by the end, and my guts wanted to expell, that is when i reach my limit and my body says "Okay, len, you've done enough prep"...


as mentioned, i go in for 3pm, 2;30 arrival time etc..being diabetic i am urinating more from this prep itself and concerned i will let some fecal matter out that didnt belong there because i couldnt down all 12 oz of the M O M.


Will i be alright? i will check back up till 900-930ish this morning. i have to be at my moms, im getting picked up from my moms to get transported to the hospital.


just let me know if im over reacting and its okay, i never had an incomplete colonoscopy or flex sig more, so im probably obsessing i am full of cr** despite doing the prep.


at first out of the in total 15 bowel movements i had last evening it was yellow water/to clear water, in the night i passed small bits of muddy/oatmeal consistancy stool within the yellow water which went to the bottom of the bowel/collected in there.


sorry to be graphic, i suppose im looking for re-assurance.


thank you,



i understand  being irrigated during a flex sig/colonoscopy can happen and might.


they can suck it out with a suction thingie i was shown before if there is some fecal matter. in my case with fap, you want the whole intestinal road so to speak to be seen from start to finish without stool blocking/laying around to avoid for the dr to be able to see the polyps.


i mean who wants to wake up and then be told their flex sig was not successfull, because they are full of ****. LOL.



Yeah, I am sure you will do fine. No matter how great your prep is you continue to produce bile, and it can get "chunky" if you are dehydrated. 


I always ask for a morning appointment for this reason. Plus, my GI clinic makes sure that diabetics are on the morning schedule so they can resume meds and diet as soon as possible. Don't think you have to go with the schedule time they first give you.



scott and jan thank you for both of your valuable input.


so my scopes went okay but they were busy and had complications to deal with today so i wasnt scoped till 5pm, and my original time was for 3pm.  all that waiting. but it is worth it of course.


im reporting back now. i was not cleaned out well, but they were able to go with the flex sig anyway. the nurse said something, dr didnt comment on not being cleaned out was late i didnt question it further..i got home after 7;30 pm from the hospital.


chemo drugs are in my future to help shrink hopefully some rectal polyps. im going on a study geared at fap folks, for cpp-x1 or something like it and i see my gastro in his office in december sometime.


im to continue with yearly survillance of upper and lower g.i. scopes


6 biopsies were taken from the upper g.i and 6 from the lower, and he removed alot of polyps.


i will require a rectal resection as my original surgeon who did the 1-step colectomy and jpouch formation for me left an elongated rectal area in which i have clusters of polyps of adenomatous variety.


they will remove more rectum and reconnect me . i think my rectum was left longer because of the surgeons skill back then/knowledge at the time about pouches in 2001 or because i had a lap/hand assist instead of an open procedure.


the surgery i will have in the future sometime will be done open i was told. but that is down the line. im just now aware and didnt know before from seeing a different g,i. that i have a extended rectal area, it should be shorter and i wont have the significant polyp problem in the neo rectal area of the jpouch as i do now.


i was given propofol for anesthesia. i trust this dr and his bed side manner is good.


just an update for now,



Thanks for the update, Len. A 5 PM scope is much too long after your prep. The usual J-pouch prep (a couple of tap water enemas before the procedure) would have worked fine. In any case, it's over.


It's no emergency, but at some point you should probably find out whether the surgeon intends to advance the pouch all the way, and do a hand-sewn procedure, or just shorten your rectal cuff to the usual length and do a stapled procedure.

thanks again scott.


yes, i will report back when i will find out more information concerning the rectum situation.


whether it will be advanced the pouch or shortening my rectal cuff. in any case stapled versus hand sewn.


its stapled now and i suppose the stapling that was done in 2001 will be undone to remove the extra length of rectum that is there and then re-stapled or then would require hand sewn as you cant staple originally and then un staple and re-stable again?


i will try not to stress over this now, its down the line.G.I. mentioned it tonight and he said there are several variations and things we can discuss in the office when i see him concerning the matter of my rectum.


this is a teaching facility so i trust i will be in great hands. my original surgery was done at a teaching hospital but medicine and surgical procedures have gratly advanced from 2001 up until now 2015. where as for example it doesnt take 8-10 hours to performed an ipaa laproscopically, and mine was that long and there are newer ways to do things now and techniques and such.


i will try not to put the cart before the horse so to speak, and jump to conclusions but try to be calmer about things from now on.


as far as the prep, i know it is over kill but i dont want to disappoint my dr and not do what he requested prep wise.


they call it a flex sig or colonoscopy no one uses the term pouchoscopy for me in reference to the scope.  I know that is what is the proper terminology to address our scope as etc. but there are still some nurses and people in general who dont know what a j-pouch is etc.


i didnt hear him say pouch advancement but i will ask if that is what my case is referred to as, i.e the shortening of the rectal stump/or cuff.


good night,



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