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been having very mild cramping past few days, nothing major. Takedown was a month ago. At lunch around 2ish, I had a grilled cheese and a banana strawberry smoothie. I just went to bathroom and my poop was kinda reddish. First thing I thought was I am bleeding in my pouch. I know with the ileostomy it could dump wild colors with things you are, but is pouch similar? Would that smoothie turn my poop reddish even though the smoothie was more pinkish in color? Freaking out now. Drinking a lot of water and eating ritz crackers hoping next poop gets better in color. 

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Pouchomarx, things can move a bit quicker with the pouch. You dont have your large intestine to slow down digestion. I think you should callbyour doctor. You sound really scared and have been through a lot. Trust me, the doctor and his staff are used to scared patients with lots of questions. We certainly call our docs often enough!  Thats why they get paid the big bucks!  Relax, im sure its the strawberries, but please, call your doctor. 


Quicker with pouch than with ileostomy? Isn't it other way around? If you feel it's from strawberry then why you making it sound urgent for me to call my doctor? I'm just going to drink nothing but water and eat bland colored food tonight and morning and hope it clears up by tomorrow. If not I will for sure call my surgeon.  

I think Jeffsmom suggested calling your doctor because you were clearly concerned/scared. Calling your doctor is always a good idea when in doubt. 

For me, I feel there is always time to see if this is just a diet "blip," unless you arefeeling weak and dizzy, or you obviously are losing large amounts of blood. Unless you made that smoothie yourself, you don't know if they put in syrup with food dyes. 


I'll guarantee your symptoms etc are the result of the strawberries and banana (smoothie).

SImilar occured with myself,  firstly with a banana, always ate bananas, not smoothies and never caused any issue previously , however, whilst I had the temp loop ileostomy;  I ate a banana and a few hours later I was very ill; reminded me of the time I ate a bag of roasted peanuts.

I didnt actually experience stomach cramp after the banana but I had a very uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen area, lots of noise, spasms and rapid filling of the colostomy bag; put me off bananas for quite a while but been ok since, still eat them now.

Prior to my colon removal; strawberries and ice cream always coloured the toilet paper and water of the bowl red.

Since takedown, I've experience the same with strawberry and blueberry tarts and blackberry juice. 

Just like yourself, each occasion, I was worried.

After two or maybe three BM, depending on how much smoothies was consumed, it should clear soon.

Poucho, I'm not saying it's urgent to call your doctor, but if you have any concerns, just call them!  That's what they are there for!  Don't stress about it.  I just feel that if you have a question or a concern, call the powers that be.  If you are not that cool ncerned, then wait it out.  Hope things are better this morning.


yes when I eat marinara it looks like a massacre - freaked me out the first few times until I realized what was going on. Though I can pretty much eat anything i want now... if Im a bit sensitive I still have some cramping with fruit and veggies... its going to be trial and error Im afraid. Though I always say better to go to the ER and have nothing wrong then wait it out and end up in hospital on deaths door (which is what I did before my surgeries) 

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