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Hello I was wondering if anybody has pain around where there stoma use to be...since about 3 days ago I have been having sharp pain around where they closed it up...My surgery was Dec 3rd for my take down..My wife thinks its scar tissue..I sent my doc a message tonight just to inform them but wanted to reach out to the group also. Thanks

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Hi, Walking. I am four years after my takedown and I sometimes get twinges or a tickle of sharpness around my old stoma site. It never last more than a few seconds, and I don't worry about it a short long as I can eat and eliminate and I don't have any signs of blockage, lingering pain, vomiting or fever. It might be your scar tissue healing. Your takedown was very recent, only three months old. When my takedown was a few days old and still in hospital, I used to experience what felt like electric shock waves right through my abdomen, sudden, random and prolonged, like a wintertime static shock that lasted 10 seconds!  The pain management team said it was likely my nerves endings reacting to being cut in half, and trying to "knit" itself back together: healing. After a few months, I never felt the electric shocks again. Try not to worry too much. You will experience new issues all the time in your first year. Remember to stay well hydrated, eat nutritious foods, protein foods will help your tissues heal well.

Yes, I had occasional sharp pain and occasional mild inflammation/tenderness at my old stoma site. It never got serious and tapered off to nothing after a while because I don't have it any more (15 years out).

Your pain sounds a bit more intense. Always good to consult surgeon or stoma/pouchcare nurse if you are worried. Hope they were able to help.



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