Just wonder how many people find sauerkraut  a good probiotic and also healthy for you. Suffering from so many stomach problems,just wonder if its difficult to digest, is the  one found in there refridgeration    section of local supermarket beneficial , have j pouch and live on antibiotics because of so many  problems.  Thank you, and have a Blessed day.


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Hi Mikeey... I found myself having many stomach issues too... But sauerkraut is made from cabbages an cabbages is a no no with a jpouch....I learned the hard way...i had uncontrollably diarrhea for a week an a half....it was unbelievable...but two.. it all depends on that individual also....but id be careful if i was you....i snapshot the google search about the foods to avoid....google it an see it if helps...also let me know what stomach problems you're experiencing...my issuses happens after i eat a meal...i start feeling really nauseous an sick feeling....very distrubing...i dont have a clue why....it that what you experiencing?Screenshot_20170831-235633


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I still have not succeeded  with  good health, but my doctor keeps trying more things. What can work for me unfortunately may not work with you, I have  j pouch, IBS..ulcerative colitis take blood thinners etc, etc,have had 12 operatons.  I would love to give some help, However, each persons body works differently, unfortunately your doctor must work with you and help as much as possible. God luck and God Bless. 

Fwiw I eat kale or spring greens daily, so it's not right to say people with a jpouch cant eat it.  I would definately agree it's not the easiest food to digest, and I wouldn't really recommend it as a probiotic if you already having issues.


Is there a reason you don't want to take a 'real' probiotic like VSL align or symprove?

Hi Bobish- I have taken probiotics for a very long time, a lately it seems like none are agreeing with me, the reason thought I might  I might try sauerkraut .Unable to eat kale, I love it, but take blood thinners and its loaded with vitamin K.

Thank you so much for your help, have a great long weekend.


Hi, Mikeey. You can also try Kimchee, a fermented cabbage made with garlic and chili. It can be added to soup, pasta, noodles, meat dishes, fish after you've finished cooking, or as a condiment on sandwiches or burgers, hot dogs or eaten on its own. It has a strong garlic flavour so you'll have garlic breath, but so what, it's good for you. If you can tolerate cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, then you probably can digest Kimchee. It has chili and if you don't want it so chili-spicy you can lightly rinse it and still eat the cabbage. I hope you can tolerate this or sauerkraut. Check the ingredients label to make sure it doesn't have tiny bits of kale, and find the jar that is okay for you. Get the smallest jar for testing. Also try Greek yoghurt for probiotics. The other yogurts are full of sugar, honey, additives and have fruity-bottoms. Try one thing at a time so you know which one is working (or not) for you. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your very nice reply. Unfortunately I am unable to eat most greens as I take warfarin, Its very difficult for me to try new things as I usually have problems afterwards. Have a great weekend, feel great and God Bless.


I have had a J Pouch for 25 years and eat cabbage and sauerkraut regularly. I believe eating yogurts and fermented foods with natural probiotics has improved my Pouch function rather substantially. Which is important since I take antibiotics and Remicade chronically for Pouch inflammation.

Ironically, I bought a new Crockpot and the first recipe I cooked in it today was boneless country spare ribs with sauerkraut, apples, onions, chopped bacon and 1 tbsp of brown sugar. It was delicious. I also eat sauerkraut regularly with kielbasa and because I am of Polish and Hungarian heritage I use sauerkraut in both cuisines which are very similar except the Hungarians add sour cream and paprika to kielbasa or other pork and sauerkraut dishes.

When sauerkraut is cooked in a Crockpot with any recipe it softens up very substantially.

My favorite sauerkrauts:

Saverne Artisanal Kraut with Craft Beer (best of the American sauerkrauts)

Kahne Traditional German Barrel Sauerkraut

Kengstenberg (top seller in Germany)

Thete are some other good ones but I like those as my top 3

By the way those of you who posted nasty things about the cruciferous veggies- I went to a seminar on cardiovascular health and those are absolutely the best things you can eat for a healthy heart- cabbage, broccoli etc. So I hope all of you have healthy hearts because you have to consider your entire body not just your intestines. Unfortunately many of us will die from heart attacks due to neglecting this or just having genetically bad tickers. Those who have IBD and are age 50 or older are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. I was sent for a stress test when I turned 50 but passed with flying colors mainly because we all have good tickers in my family.

At least four different things are significant with sauerkraut. All of them matter.

1) Sauerkraut can be a good source of probiotic bacteria. This will vary with the preparation and the source. Homemade sauerkraut will probably be best for this, but the safest recipes have an unpleasant amount of salt. You won't get as high a dose of probiotics as from something like VSL #3, but you may get a wider variety of beneficial bacteria. They won't be bred to survive the stomach, but some will probably make it. Cooking completely destroys any probiotic benefit.

2) Sauerkraut has *lots* of insoluble fiber, just like the cabbage it's made from. Some J-pouchers do fine with insoluble fiber, and some have a terrible time. If you don't tolerate insoluble fiber, then you're better off getting your probiotics some other way.

3) Sauerkraut (like cabbage) can be very gassy for some people, and some J-pouchers tolerate gas better than others. This is usually very controllable with Beano, assuming you take the Beano with the first bite. There are generic versions of Beano (alpha galactosidase), but simethicone (Gas-X) is mostly useless for this purpose. 

4) Cruciferous vegetables are indeed great for you, if you tolerate them. If they make you ill then they aren't good for you, even if they would have been under imaginary circumstances.

The most important thing about your diet is that it works for you without making you sick, or ruining your day. It's pretty easy to get probiotics at the drug store or natural food store, so eat sauerkraut if it makes your life better, not if it makes it worse.

Most sauerkrauts do have salt as a key ingredient. One of the German brands mentioned above (I think Kengstenberg but can't remember) also uses white wine. Regarding the salt, you can rinse sauerkraut, which also serves to turn down the level of sourness a notch. I generally do not do this, but it's a matter of taste. My father always rinses the sauerkraut before using it but I never have. I like the pure unadulterated taste.

Another dish that one can make with sauerkraut is called Bigos (the Polish name). It's a Hunter's stew made in the Eastern European countries with pork, sauerkraut, onions, carrots and barley. I have had different versions of it and made it myself. It's another good meal for the Crockpot. My family used a pork shoulder to make it but Country ribs or boneless should work well. This is a dish that can be served with mashed potatoes (or cauliflower) as can the crockpot dish I mentioned in my post above. 

Finally if you go to local health food stores or Whole Foods Market you may see some refrigerated local organic sauerkrauts, which are usually more expensive than even the good German brands. I have tried these and they are sometimes a little firmer and always in the refrigerated sections of the store. I generally like a softer sauerkraut although any sauerkraut will soften if cooked in a Crockpot for 8 hours as part of one of the above recipes.

Just wanted to post that I tried a really good new organic Sauerkraut tonight, made from local Northeast-grown cabbages, called Real Pickles.  It is a company apparently based in Greenfield, Mass.  I found it in the refrigerated foods section of my local health store here in Connecticut.  It was very expensive, and very tasty.  One of the better American krauts I have tasted.

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