Hello everyone I wanted to ask a question about salt. I tend to have a lot of salt and have told myself this is ok because I go to the bathroom upto 20 times a day (a lot of liquid) and feel like a probably lose a lot and get dehydrated easily. I also have low blood pressure. I am not sure if I am convincing myself this is ok because i am addicted to salt or crave it for all the above reasons. has anyone any experience or thoughts on this? thanks

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If you have low blood pressure and no edema (swelling under the skin) then the salt probably won't do you much harm, if any. It's not health food, though, and isn't really a complete replacement for lost electrolytes. Peeing 20 times per day is quite a lot, and indirectly may be caused by all that salt, which makes you thirsty, etc.

You should also, I think, be tested for adrenal insufficiency (Addison's Disease), which causes salt cravings.

theres a solid school of thought that if you can eat as much salt as you like if you take enough fluids in.  the salt would ideally be a food salt (rock  or sea salt and not processed).. i wouldn't like to take that to the extremes necessarily though


I was anti-salt because I had a family history of edema (and my mother confused swelling and weight gain)...so, I usually ate very little salt, suffered from light headedness, dizziness, very low BP, some joint pain, and weakness.

Then I read some posts here and upped my sodium intake...it helped...I eat salty nuts, soups, some canned soups, powdered soups in other foods like rice, pasta etc...all of that helps a lot. 

I also drink a lot of fluids including homemade lemonade...

It is a balancing act...

I void chips, fried and fatty foods when and if I can (except for veggie chips...love those)...

Thus I don't suffer from too much swelling or other problems but I do get my salt.

You will find you balance...take practice






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