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I'm loosing my Internist .  She knows more than other PCP's that I've had about IBD and j-pouches.  She also prescribes my pain and some other medications, so I know what you mean Jan.  She was the one that told me to get the colonoscopy that led to my surgeries.  I'm going to miss her.  She's been the one guiding me for the last 9 years.

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I am so sorry,

I understand the closeknit relationship between a surgeon/doctor and a patient especially with people like us who require long-term care/follow-up or lifelong treatments.

Both of my fantastic surgeons are way past retirement age (into their 70's) and I live in mortal fear that they retire and I lose them forever...(selfish I know!)...

I sincerly hope that you find a new one who is up to the task and full of kindness and humanity.


When my obgyn retired I told him I would come to his home for exams and he could use his kitchen table or, he could use a camping trailer and park it on my driveway!  Now, I'm into choosing young physicians in hopes they will hang around awhile.  I did choose a not so young surgeon for another procedure and asked him if he had plans to retire soon.  His answer was, "No!".   He had three kids in college!  Sounds good to me!


Actually found out he's gone to a semi-retirement, but at the VA!  Dammit!!!  I'm not a vet!!  He told me a time ago he was planning to return to Germany at some point. I think he's peeved at the hospital system he was at. There's a lot of issues with insurance battles between them and a local provider. *sigh*

But have 2 MDs at my workplace I'm between seeing; one saw me in the past, and one I did a meet and greet with, as he's newish to us, and trained at Mayo. Personally I like the first one better, have known him longer, but the nurse with them has told me it'll be easier to get in with the new guy.  I emailed the first one, and got a call in 12 hours from the nurse (pays to know people, and be the squeaky wheel, I suppose). As a nurse that works with them, that's a definite perk. ��

That's were my Internist is going - to the VA.  She wanted to work less so I bet they are giving her the schedule she needs. She's got children and wants to focus on her family so I am happy for her.  Her husband is a vet as well.  


It sounds like the VA might be onto something.  The uncovered problems in their system last year were horrible. Maybe their doing something smart by giving doctors the option to work part time.  


I'm glad you have a choice between 2 good doctors.  Isn't it nicer to choose between 2 good things instead of 2 bad things?


I think there is something to having younger doctors as they learned about the latest and greatest (hopefully).  

In my case I've had to change surgeons due to moves, and it is always scary! I adored my original surgeon in Canada for a variety of reasons. When I moved to the NL I ended up with a great surgeon "by accident" because he was the surgeon on call when I was admitted for emergency surgery (4 days after landing in the country!). He left for another hospital (semi-retirement); rather than follow him (I didn't know him all that well anyway) I opted to stay at my local hospital with one of his partners, who was also a fabulous surgeon. For the last surgery she transferred me to my current surgeon as he is the best (and the only one in the NL who does advancements). Now that I've moved again I'm closer to him anyway, so I'm not switching again!


Hard each time.


I hope this new doctor turns out to be really great for you!



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