Having my 3rd and final surgery Tuesday.  I can't get anyone to tell me how I'll feel afterward.  I know I don't get a pain pump so I assume the pain will be manageable.  I'm a stay at home mom of 4 girls, 14 - 6.  Just trying to find out when I'll be up and back to "normal".  Also worried about the open hole from Stoma.

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I can give you my experience after takedown but of course you know we are all different.

Takedown for me was very easy. Especially compared to my first surgery. I was in the OR for 30 minutes and came out of the anesthesia quickly. I only had some minor pain from the stoma site being closed up. I don't recall what they have me on for pain medication but it was sufficient. My bowels woke up the next day after surgery and I was using the bathroom. They put me on a soft diet at that point.  I was sent home on the 4th day. I was going about 10x a day at first. Then about three weeks later I was down to 4-6x a day and that's where I have stayed (5 years now).

I kept foods bland for about three weeks then I started eating normal again. (Whatever I was preparing for my family I was eating).

My surgeon loosely sutured my stoma site closed so I didn't have an open hole. It seems it's the surgeons preference or how they were trained how they do it.

My two kids were young at the time of my surgeries but I fared just fine caring for them afterwards. Perhaps your older children can lend a hand with the younger ones.

Good luck.....I hope it goes just as smoothly for you!
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Marianne and my results were similar, so I won't duplicate.  As she opened, each person is different, though!   I truly had no "real pain" that I couldn't deal with, but there was "soreness."  I had an open stoma hole that had to heal and it was honestly not a big deal to me and didn't hurt and didn't drain all that much, but I had to keep it covered.  It just totally closed about six weeks after surgery.  I also hope all goes very well!


Best wishes!




Surgery yesterday.  So easy I cannot believe it!  Been walking all over the place.  Just ice chips and Popsicles yesterday.  Had 1 small BM felt just like before.  Amazing...  Just want off these fluids!  So hungry!  At Cleveland Clinic.

Just go slow with food....it's tough when you're hungry but start out with small portions. Happy healing! 

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