thanks sharron you made me think about what i was taking relatively new and it turned out for over a month i added some new probiotics 35 ill ion more actually..and adding that to culturelle and align i think it was the culprit ..after stopping them i seem back to more normal output..i guess too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing!i actually had problems many years ago when i tried vsl#3..recommended dosage was way to much for me..
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Glad that you found a solution to the problem...I agree that too much of a good thing can be too much!
I just did a run of chewable probiotic gummies and Wow! what a huge difference in output. Things that had not been digesting for years were suddenly digestible in large quantities (romain lettuce, certain fruits like watermelon and other veggies).
I had also cut out a lot of sugar from my diet and substituted fruit for dessert.
The result was that I seem to have gotten the upper hand on the bacterial overload that I didn't know that I had (fuzzy tounge and bad taste in my mouth plus a funky cheese smell in my output).
I didn't buy a stock of them so I am going to try my OTC probiotics that I have laying around...let's see what happens.
Keep a chart going on not just what you eat but what you take and in what quantities (and when! empty stomach vs with meals or with grapefruit juice...). These things matter to us pouchers who are more sensitive than coloned people to our outputs and their aspect.

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