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Hi - Is this a new problem or has it been consistent since recovering from your 2010 takedown?  

If it's a new problem, I'm wondering if something is going on.  Cipro can stop working, and for some a change in antibiotics can improve things. I know when I've had frequency it is related to inflammation that responds if I tinker with antibiotics. A course of treatment with Flagyl might be worth considering.

Thanks for the reply.

For the past few years I have probably averaged around 10 times a day. I recently gave up alcohol and thc so I’m constantly feeling like I have to go. I’m going 12-15 now. Cipro has usually worked but nothing seems to work right now. Again, I’m eating a good bit as well but still. Tired of pooping.

Psyllium husk powder slows down the frequency for me and increases the quality of the stool making it less sticky and easier to clean, so not so much wiping which can cause irritation.  I usually take a teaspoon before each meal with water: shake it up in a little jar with water, drink that, then wash it down with plain water.  You would have to experiment with an amount that works for you, just make sure you take it with plenty of water.  Some people prefer wafers or capsules. 

@samlc25 I too was getting exhausted from going to the bathroom all the time.  I discovered Psyllium husk. It not only slows down your bowel movements but it thickens it as well. So it's easier to go. You have to kind of figure out your own amount.  Best way is to get like a tall glass of water and put 2-3 teaspoons and mix well.  I usually let it thicken a little and then drink it.  You have to figure out if 1 glass is enough in a day or more.  Be careful don't over do it.

@samlc25 posted:

I tried the husk in the morning but by early evening I found myself having to take multiple trips to the bathroom because only a little would come out at a time. At least when it’s watery I can empty. Does that make sense?

That makes total sense.  Sounds like it wasn't quite the right amount of psyllium for you and might take more experimentation.  I wouldn't give up on it yet. 

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