i have been having a new symptom --intermittent rectal spasms . These seems to follow no noticeable pattern but are quite uncomfortable.

i am wondering if anyone else suffers from these? I am trying nifedipine compounded with lidocaine but nothing has worked so far--nitroglycerin cream or belladonna/opium suppositories. It feels like a Charlie horse cramp in my rectum. Any ideas? I just had a balloon dilation and a pouchoscopy and other than ulcers and a small structure I'm good. Any ideas? 

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It's responded to rectiv ( nitroglycerin) and lidocaine as well as oral Valium. I would see if those work. The Rectiv is crazy expensive but it can also be compounded for less $$. Some doctors like the compounded Valium suppository 

Does it feel like a rectal Charley Horse? That's how it started with me

I started Botox injections and have seen some improvement.  Maybe you’re familiar?, but they can be administered every 3 months.  We’ve had to up the dosage each time because I’ve yet to make It all the way to the 3 month mark without symptoms recurring; so far I’ve had 3 rounds.

I (live in NY and) also consulted a separate doctor regarding a combination of CBD use as well as THC in hopes of addressing the inflammation and also the rectal pain/pressure.  I’m hoping the combination works as my only other options after years of steroid use, antibiotics, etc. would be some of the biologics or, as a very last resort, getting rid of the pouch altogether.

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