I had my J-pouch removed almost 4 years ago. I have a permanent iliostomy Unfortunately I am still having discharge from what is left of my rectum. I have pain at times right above my pubic bone. After the pain I will usually have more discharge. It is particularly bad at night when my muscles are totally relaxed. It is so frustrating to have bloody foul smelling discharge every day. I have to wear a pad every day and will have to change it every night those times I get up to empty my ilio pouch. Am I the only one having this problem?  If you had the problem and found a solution, please tell me what you did to clear it up. thanks

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Are you sure they removed your J pouch? This sounds like what I had with a disconnected J pouch and an end ileo, except no pain.  If your J pouch was removed, and you don't have a "barbie butt" you should have at most a tiny bit of rectum plus your anus. That is what I have, maybe total of 2 to 3 inches. I have a tiny bit of mucus which doesn't amount to anything really. A disconnected J pouch or if they left too much can and often does get what is called diversion colitis that is very hard to treat, I had to get my J pouch removed to end it.

The other possibility I can think of is, that makes sense with your pain is that you have an abscess leaking out. This can be treated. Probably need a CT to confirm.

HI Holly, I am in the same boat as you and I understand this is completely normal when your pouch has been disconnected but is still left in place ie. not fully removed. Its really annoying I agree. Its just that the lining of the bowel is wired to create mucous. So it just keeps doing it. I have been putting up with it for several years now, the option is really a final surgery to have the pouch and remains of the rectal cuff removed. 

Oh, yikes. I've had my permanent stoma for a couple of years now and just last month started with anal mucous discharge. It was only a tiny bit at first, but sometimes now it is almost a cup or more and has me running to the bathroom -- or worse. My pouch is disconnected but not removed; sounds like I might be facing another surgery if this gets worse. Yee haw.

I have had this with my disconnected pouch, too.  I also have a couple of attached fistulas, which probably contribute.  My surgeon put me on Keflex in August, I'm now taking 250 mg 1/day, and it seems to have helped.  I feel like I have to "go" like - NOW - "only" once or twice a day anymore, and sometimes there's quite a bit that comes out.  

I'm waiting for a call from my GP to get a referral to a GI. Think that's the route I need to go. Unfortunately my surgeon is not in my city, and getting an appointment can take a very long time. As I've been well for quite a while, officially I'm discharged... But I think if I see the GI here, he/she will simply bump me up to my surgeon, which means a faster appointment time. Gotta know how to work the system!

Hoping something else works other than surgery. Really don't want to do that again.


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