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Has anyone ever had a temporary ileostomy made years after their J pouch surgeries? Eventually I may have my J pouch removed but for now am going to try a diverting ileostomy and have some scar tissues lysed to see if it helps. I'm looking for what recovery was like, how long until you could lift/had energy back etc. as I have (very) young kids. It wold be open surgery, not laparoscopic. 



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My recovery wasn’t horrible. I also had an open surgery. I was in the hospital for six days with no complications. My hospitalization wasn’t bad. They used an epidural for pain management for about three days, which I really liked.

When I got home, I took pain meds every night for about a week or two for pain from the incision. I didn’t need them during the day. You want to be careful of what you eat for about 6 months. Unfortunately, a blockage soon after surgery is possible. I had one a few days after being released. I was back in the hospital overnight. They told me it wasn’t related to anything I had eaten. I’ve had absolutely no further issues for the last 2 years since surgery. 

Other than the one blockage, I had no further j-pouch issues. I felt great with all of that during recovery. Recovery from surgery always seems slow, so be very patient. I walked every day for exercise. You’ll want to talk to your doctor about lifting, but it is something you’ll want to stay away from for the first year, especially heavy lifting, then be careful for the rest of the time you have the ostomy. I work a lot around the house and do some heavyish lifting with no issues. Be careful lifting children for the first 6 months or so. 

As far as getting your energy back, be patient. I know I felt much better after about a month, but it takes a year to fully heal inside. I had my pouch removed at the same time, so my surgery was much more extensive. You won’t be in tip top shape after a month, but you’ll be feeling pretty darn good. After 5 months or so, I felt completely normal.

If you decide to have the pouch removed, I can give you some thoughts at that time. I know several people who never had the pouch removed since once it’s disconnected, the issues usually completely go away. More on that later. 

As always, good luck to you. I’ll be sending positive thoughts.

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