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Hey, Pouch, I'll look for a PM.


Yesterday was good, I counted 8 times to the BR, and seems like around 4:30-5:00 AM is my pouch "wake up call."   Never terribly urgent, only when I feel pressure has built.  Leaking a bit but realize this is work in process.  All is going well.  Mowed the lawn yesterday against my wife's objection (rider mower, easy!)  I know I should call it "tired," but still feeling a bit "lazy,"  -- looking forward to getting more energy back.


Having said all that, I'm doing very well!  Thank you!


Hey Knkl,


Congrats on your reversal!!!. It is awesome to hear you are doing well. Yourself, poucho, and I have seemed to walk a similar path so far but hopefully we are all headed in the right direction.


I am 4 months out from my second take down and other than a bad day every now and then, i am doing pretty well. The dreaded A$$ melt shows up sometimes and some cramping. Otherwise, i have little or no complaints.


Keep me up to date on how you are progressing. Hopefully, we have some good luck this time.


Talk soon,



Thanks, Derek, good to hear from you!  And you sound like my wife, Sharon!


I know it sounds like I'm Superman, but I'm faking it a bit!  I do often need a good hour nap at some point during the day, and my sleep schedule is a bit messed up .. can't get to sleep as usual.  But if I recall prior surgeries, it took me a while.  I tried Ambian, and that scared the heck out of me!  Yes, it worked, but not a fan of what it seemed to do to my brain, sleeping/dreaming!  


For me, trying to get back on the horse keeps me moving forward.  I'll try to get back to work (office) on Monday, with the understanding that I'm going to need a bit more flexibility than usual for rest and -- yes -- bathroom breaks!






Hey KNKLHEAD, i know the time between surgeries is typically 3 months , but is it ok to wait like 6 months between? I'm having first one on October 19th, and i have so much going on with my daughters cheer competitions and moving into new building for work in early spring. I want to get rid of this bag asap, but cant afford the downtime at that point.

Pouch, you can wait as long as you want between surgeries.  Jeff was put back on the ostomy in March.  He won't be put back together until Oct/nov at the earliest.  He might even have to wait until the first of the year.  We will find out Monday I think when we meet with the surgeon.  As far as driving, Jeff was told 6 weeks and the first time he drove, he thought he was going to die.  But he was cut completely open.  The first two surgeries which were done lap, he was still told six weeks I guess as long as you are off narcotics, you can do what you want, but why risk it.  You have come through a lot.


cuz of my job, Remzi said i might be able to come back to work light duty in 4-5 weeks. my job does not allow for someone to just step in while i am out, there are only 3 of us in my dept and its going to be a huge burden on my 2 guys to handle things. I can do some things from home on computer but better if i show up at least for a few hours a day

I was driving pretty quickly.  After Step 1 (of 2) I was driving locally about 2 weeks post-surgery so about a week after I got out of the hospital.  However I did not take any narcotics after leaving the hospital (actually after 2 days...made me sick so opted for Tylenol!).  Basically my surgeon said when I could turn to look at my blind spots I was OK to drive.  After takedown it was even quicker...can't remember exactly but I know I drove myself to my follow-up appointment over an hour away less than 2 weeks post-takedown. narcotics once I left the hospital (was there for only 3 days for takedown).



I kept my baggie for a full year before having the takedown because it worked best for my work schedule.  My summers were opportune for surgery/recovery because I was teaching.  Looking back.....more than 10 years ago......I'm really glad I waited.  My J-pouch was well healed and I had no issues transitioning to a connected system.  I had no problem accepting the ileostomy because I finally felt so healthy compared to the years I lived with ulcerative colitis.  In fact, if I needed to have a permanent ileostomy, I'd have no problem with that, either.  Best wishes! 

Yeah, I think you can wait as long as you want from redo step 1 to take down.  For you, it sounds like you could use a good break .. and it is likely you'll feel better and better.  Since you take pain meds now, I hope that after a redo you feel well enough to get off them.  Obviously, if you need them, you need them! 


I think I was good to drive three weeks or so from take down, but don't recall it being an issue, and after 10 days out from takedown, no pain meds, I'm sure I will have no issues driving.  



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