I'll be going in for an A/V fistula repair soon, and the docs said that it's important to have soft stool to avoid putting pressure on the area while it's healing. Makes sense.

Because I am SUPER keen for the surgery to be a success, I'm happy to have only liquids, or some other low-residue, pouch-friendly food to keep the pouch calm and stress-free while it recovers.

I am aware that when I don't eat, I get gassy, and I feel like excessive gas could also put stress on the pouch.

So, I am looking for recommendations on foods or drinks that:

- cause soft stool
- are low residue
- don't cause gas
- are your go-to food when the pouch is needs a break

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Lixxie.

When I needed soft foods after my reversal, I ate lots of scrambled or sunny-side up eggs with toast for breakfast. If you don't like egg, try a good cheese on bread and put it under the toaster oven or grill for a minute to melt. Try to avoid the processed cheese (the bright orange slices in individual plastic wrappers). For lunch I'll have soup with carrots simmered in the broth until very soft, and add pieces of chicken, maybe a handful of white rice or firm tofu. Dinner is fish with white rice and peeled, well cooked zucchini. If you want vegetables, peel them and cook very well, chew thoroughly, and drink the broth for hydration and potassium. I found that white rice cooked in an extra amount of water thickened things after my reversal. I eat brown rice now and it thickens, but you might find it has too much fiber if you need a soft diet after surgery. Try for a low, complex-carb diet. Whatever you eat, include lots of protein because tissues need that to heal. Good luck with your repair surgery.

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