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The last time I saw a gastroenterologist was more than 18 years ago and I found him to be arrogant and uncaring. I'm going to ask to be referred again because I have some recurring issues with my pouch. In Canada you must be referred to a gastro. If anyone is from Calgary, AB and can recommend someone, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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18 years?!?!! I really hope you find one soon! I am not sure what the rules are regarding where to get referrals from in Canada but I would just search one on Google and see which one has the most positive reviews- that is what I always do anyway. Or maybe your primary doctor can refer you to a good one, that is pretty common nowadays. Or maybe you can see your surgeon? A lot of people tend to do that too.

Hope everything works out

@1993SPouch posted:

Thanks Lauren. I haven't seen one because I haven't had an issue! If it ain't broke, no need to fix it. At least that's how universal health care works

You are welcome I never had a problem with my pouch either but I still have to get checked every 3 years. Remember this: You cannot always feel a problem- sometimes when you feel a problem, it is often too late. You cannot always feel inflammation, cancer, and polyps. Always get checked every 1-3 years, no matter what.

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