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I am hoping someone can help me. I had jpouch surgery August 29 2013. The surgery included both steps creating the pouch and take down. I also suffer from gastroparesis which increases my nausea and slows my digestive processes.
I am really concerned about my progress and want to make sure what I am experiencing is normal at almost three weeks post surgery.
I am still going to the bathroom very often but I am feeling completely constipated and after I go I feel no relief. When I go I am going very little and it I not formed at all. I try to push bc I feel like I still have to go but nothing comes. It's very uncomfortable.
My diet has been mostly carbs white rice potatoes bananas but when I was feeling constipated the last four day I started added some baby food fruits like peaches and pairs and yogurt.

Can anyone tell me if at this point i should still be going this much but not actually producing so much stool. any advice really appreciated.
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Do you have a follow up visit with your surgeon coming up? You may have developed an anal stricture (scar tissue) that needs to be dilated. I had that constipated feeling with frequent, non productive trips to the bathroom right after takedown. My stomach would get really bloated and make crazy loud noises. It was really uncomfortable like you are saying and that's what it was. A digital exam in the office would be able to tell. This is fairly common after takedown in the beginning and usually an easy fix. It's worth inquiring about. Hope you feel better soon.
I got myself so dehydrated and was in pain I went to ER today. My surgeon was able to see me and did a rectal exam and said there was no stricture. My exrays were all fine. He thinks the reason I'm having so much trouble is due to swelling and he put me on 500 mg of Cairo for three weeks. Does this seem right? If anyone has taken this how long does it take to start to feel better? Thank you again for any advice.
Hoping for more advice. Jpouch surgery 4 weeks ago. For last two weeks Still suffering from constipation. Had cat scan which showed a small abscess and a small twist in small intestine. also have a large ovarian cyst pressing near my kidney.

My surgeon saying all of that not causing constipation. For last 10 days I have not had solid food bc when I do I am on the toilet forever straining to get even little stool out. Feel a lot of rectal pressure. Even with just liquids I don't feel terrific. I am very weak from lack of food and today went to ER and got admitted bc I felt like I was going to pass out at home.

My surgeon says he will scope my pouch tomorrow and still has me on antibiotics for the abscess but I'm so worried that the scope will show nothing and I will be left in this misery. Any ideas????

I thought with a pouch loose stools would be my main concern.

Any one had similar issues ? Please advic needed. Thank you.
Susan D,

Right after surgery I found that my muscles and nerves were not quite in sync, and I felt unable to access the correct muscles to evacuate properly. There was also a complete lack of satisfaction if that is the right word, the entire experience felt detached and no longer productive. The more I strained the less came out. The muscles I was activating seemed to be closing down my anatomy instead of opening it up.

Eventually after about a year of frustration I settled into a relaxation approach where I would not strain at all. Very minimal bearing down, and trying to allow the gas to be a force along with gravity.... Not sure if this will help your issue. Take your time in the bathroom, it's a different anatomy that you have now and you will need to learn how to use it differently, plus you are still healing and nerves and muscles are not fully operational the way you want them to be. Pouchitis and SBO's or surgical complications just add another layer of problems to the situation and each of us end up sort of having to make it up as we go -when the Docs run out of answers...

All the best.

Figured I'd give the update. Five weeks post jpouch surgery I am at Cleveland clinic to try to figure out why I would eat anything and feel constipated and could not have a productive bowel movement. Turns out I have a twisted pouch and a prolapse from straining. Dr Shen and dr Renzi both think this was possibly caused by stapling improperly. The problem is now that I can't eat at all. I'm on TPN for nutrition through the picc line and the surgeon would rather me wait six weeks for more surgery but I'm not able to eat and in considerable pain so I am pushing for illiostomy this week and then jpouch redo in summer. Any thoughts about going in so close to my last surgery. Any thoughtsz?
Susan, I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this, it sounds horrible. You aren't going to like my opinion but you are under the care of two of the best doctor's in j-pouches so I'd take their advice. I personally would have a problem with going to an ileo and back because of the probable abdominal adhesions from both of the surgeries. After I had my takedown I didn't feel like eating much as it caused a lot of movement/pain in my abdomen and I wasn't hungry. Only you can determine if you can go 6 weeks on TPN. I'm assuming you still can drink water. Whatever you decide I wish you the best!

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