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I had a two-step procedure all the way back in 2005. Over the past week, I have had some soreness at the site of the laparoscopic incision along my waistline. I am a bit overweight, so I did not notice until it became sore. I looked today, and it was scabbed over with a dark color which freaked me out. I went to urgent care and they removed the scab and put some ointment on it.

I find this extremely odd since it has been so long since I had the surgeries. It is along my waistline, so I am sure my pants/belt have rubbed up against the incision site. I just don't understand how it got to the point that it was fully scabbed without me noticing.

Has anybody ever had something like this happen? Hope everybody is doing well.


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Hi Sam, I didn't have that kind of trouble, but it sounds like herpes zoster. It is a viral desease which comes along with skin rash and scab as you describe it, usually in a circular shape like a belt. Look it up in the web and if it applies to your issues you should visit a dermatologist or at least a general practitioner. There are antiviral meds to stop the rash from spreading and pain relievers if necessary.

Hi Samwold, I have not had this --but I didn't have a laparoscopy (was your entire colon removed by this method? I have heard of that). I think you might be onto something by saying that it is at your waistline and perhaps your pants were rubbing against it. The chafing could have irritated the scar and ultimately caused the scab. It is odd, though, that this is the first time it has happened since 2005. How weird! Did something change? Tighter pant waistline? Extremely hot weather?  I hope you heal up soon!

Maybe your scarred area is at least partially numb and you didn’t feel the soreness until it spread a little onto area that does have more or normal feeling?  

I don’t know what size your laparoscopic scar/s are/is, because I had traditional long surgical scar, and the entire scar had no feeling at all for a very long time.  Some of it still doesn’t.

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