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Hello All,

Saturday afternoon I started getting this horrible pressure in my head and Sunday night I had a mini cold with a ton of mucus, but luckily I woke up the next morning congestion free. The thing is that now I’m having increased urgency ( my norm is 2-3 and now it’s 6-7), completely liquid, and more on the yellow side than brown. Also, last night I had horrific nausea to the point where I was convinced I’d throw up. Any ideas? I was thinking it was the mini cold and mucus that upset my stomach. Luckily I didn’t go through the night or have incontinence and no pain either. I’ve been drinking lots of water and some Powerade to make sure I’m not dehydrated, but I am feeling a bit tired.

Anyone been through something like this before?

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Have you had a covid test recently? I had someone on my site (K pouchers) who showed exactly the same signs...slight cold-like symptoms then stomach upset, diarrhea, was a very unexpected result but...

If not, what have you been eating? Have you had an allergic reaction to any foods?

Stomach flu? It is the season...and it is going around, and around...

How are you doing now? Has it passed?

Try dry toast, tea, rice, applesauce and bananas (not all together)...etc The BRAT diet helps a lot...


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