I am wondering if anyone has had radiotherapy after a prostate cancer operation  - removal - when they have a j pouch please . . .


My husband had his proctocolectomy and J pouch in 1991 and prior to his operation the Oncologist said he would not give him radiotherapy - mainly because of the J pouch . . . unfortunately there are some Gleason 9 cells still about and the Professor who did the prostate operation has mentioned some radiotherapy to follow up . . . .

As you will all understand I'm sure - preserving the J pouch is top priority for my husband - also wonder how many of you also suffer from anxiety to the point of being hospitalised for it . . .

Many thanks and best withes to all on here - such a great resource and wonderfully helpful members . . . our local chemist and I were planning to set up a local support group but sadly he died and now we have this cancer to deal with as well as other health issues - sometimes you just can't win eh !!!



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