If I took 10 days worth of antibiotics(flagyl) before my pouch scope, will my pouch exam show up as a good pouch? Will it show signs of previous. Inflammation, infection, or pouchitis?😕



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It’s hard to predict how your pouch will look. Just make sure the doctor is aware of your course of Flagyl.

My gastro Dr do not know much about the J pouch. But, after 2 (female type) infections. I noticed the flagyl made things feel better in the jpouch area. So, I made an appt with the office that did my surgery. She said my pouch looked good. She was in and out didnt have time to ask questions 

I think they can still see previous inflammation. Kinda like with UC in the colon. If they take a sample, they can stage how bad the inflammation was. Worth asking your doc tho.

Thank you for your reply. I myself still do not know much about Jpouches. So, I dont know what she did. But, She didn't take a sample just looked. 

Hi! First time asking question about pouchitis. In 2009,   colon and rectum removed due to 30 years of chronic ulcerative colitis. Have a J pouch now which has been going relatively well, but starting to get pouchitis. Could someone please recommend a good probiotic? The doctor did talked about VSL probiotic, but my insurance will not cover it and it’s very expensive! There are so many different probiotics out there, don’t know what to get or if they even work ? Also, diet...I try to avoid sugar, and can’t handle much in the way of fruit and veggies in excess, just causes very loose stools. I use physilm husk 3 times a day along with Imodium 2 times a day in order to even have a formed stool (the husk, mixed with water helps with that, thank God)! I’ve been on antibiotics, they have helped but the defeat the whole purpose of having good bacteria in the body. Appreciate any replies! I’m a 61 year old female with no other medical issues and take good amount of vitamins and natural supplements. Thank you! Cindy Greeley.


Hi, Cindy. I use VSL, but I agree that it’s expensive. I managed to get my insurance company to cover it after extensive appeals. Other folks can suggest their favorite probiotic.

I’d like to suggest that you reconsider two assumptions in your post. The first is that formed stool is a necessary or even desirable goal. Most J-pouchers do best with fairly soft stool. This minimizes the amount of straining needed to empty the pouch. The second assumption is about bacteria in the pouch. Since a J-pouch isn’t a natural structure, it’s hard to say what the “purpose” of the bacteria is. I suggest a more pragmatic approach: if you feel fine without antibiotics, that’s great, but if you only feel well when on antibiotics, listen to your body rather than your assumptions.

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