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Does or is this supposed to make you have more BM's?
It certainly does me.  I can evacuate more more often.
Whereas before I tried it...  it was so difficult to empty.
Now it seems easier.  Not quite as easy as I would like but I certainly have more trips with more quantity.  Trying not to be gross.
Before using it only small amounts would come out it and alot of straining just to get a small amount out.
I am not complaining.  I like what is happening as I am able to evacuate.  I know it's supposed to mix with your  bile and prevent burn and it does that very well.
But the amount of what is coming out is surprising me.
Before using it large amounts only came out when it seemed it couldn't take anymore.  Now when I go alot comes out.  Sometimes with just a continuous push... Not as hard as before but still pushing.
I hope that whoever reads this understands it.  Just hard to explain some of my experiences.
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Like psyllium, Questran is a solid material (in tis case a resin) that bind with all kinds of things (including water and medications) and takes it all for a ride. You're describing a normal mechanical effect. I'm glad you're seeing good results. Be careful to space any medications well away from Questran doses. Are you using the artificially sweetened or the naturally sweetened?

It has sucrose.
Next time I will ask for the naturally sweetened.
I didn't know and I have two boxes so I have to use it.
It is expensive as my insurance covers 3 months at a time.
And yes... So far I am pleased it works.
I may be able to avoid surgery along with a diet plan.
I am going to see a nutritionist next week.  I need help getting all the calories I need. 

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