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I would appreciate a few answers - have been to 2 GI guys without success. I plan on getting scoped in NYC if I need to having had a bad case of pouchitis in 1999.
With pouchitis is it possible to sleep 8 hours without emptying?
I initially lost my job, had gastritis,ulcer - took PPLs, had to be hydrated in hottest summer ever & seem to have to go more frequently after this. I am stressed about it which I know cannot help.
I have excess gas, chewing GAS X etc doesn't seem to do it. Am thinking candida since as long as I am moving/standing it isn't bad - I sit & bang - bathroom time.
Would appreciate any help/suggestions - thank you in advance
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The only time I don't sleep through the night is if I eat early in the evening and don't empty before I go to bed and have a lot of gas moving around.

I usually eat around 10pm since I am a late night person, go to bed around midnight and get up around 9 am. Today I slept on and off until 2pm. I just roll on a different side and ignore my pouch unless I really have to go.

Tonight I ate hot wings and plantain chips.
Other night I had a banana and some goat yogurt with honey. I mean, it changes. Night before I had a chicken salad from Chipotle.
Yes, unfortunately, they can shrink.
If for some reason you have to spend time on I.V. or on TPN and do not use your pouch or are on a very restrictive diet (I was on no carbs for over 20 very low residue) then your pouch can shrink...I went down to 1/2 litre best is over 1 litre (about a quart)...being on strait drain can do it too. You can re-stretch it by slowly increasing input or putting off intubating for 1/2-1 hr or more...but do it slowly.
No Idea.
I was told that pouches stretch and can also shrink and that the fact that I was intubating too often (not allowing my pouch to fill to capacity) was causing it to shrink. When Dr C went in to fix it in 2007 it had shrunk to just under 2 pints when it was normally a quart or more when I was doing well. It happened often during the period when I had a 'broken' valve and couldn't allow my pouch to fill.
There is definitely some level of elasticity to our guts...I am just not sure to what extent they stretch and stay distended or can shrink back.
I wonder if it is like skin? It stretches and shrinks back but not always or totally and after a while the fibers can break and never come back.
It is an interesting question and it is probably different for each or us depending on our collagene level or hormones or age.
Anybody out there with the answers?
dpol, I would definitely try cutting out sugar, carbs (especially gluten), and dairy. Also anything else you know that causes you to have gas.

Arlene, pouchitis will definitely make sleeping through the night impossible. As soon as you empty the pouch, it feels full again (although it's not). Flagyl worked for me but I HATE that stuff. More recently a naturopath put me on Mycostat instead and it worked too. With either one, within a day or two you'll begin to feel some relief.
I cannot tell you all what a help it has been to be able to reach out to this site for help & advice. I feel so much better now. I tried advice from all and ended up Pepto in the am, VSL# 3 at night, bifidus mid day, less carbs, less yeast and less sugar.
I am able to go 5-6 hours during the day and sleep without emptying. Again thank you all, I reach out to this site to learn how others cope with issues relating to the K-pouch and am constantly amazed by this group's stamina and creativity in dealing with all issues that arise. After living with this since 1979 I am still learning.
Sorry, I haven't been checking the site for awhile and just saw your message. I start with 3 capsules after meals twice a day, and then after a week cut back to 2 caps twice a day for 3 more weeks. Then 1 cap twice a day for another month or two. (My naturopath does things very cautiously). In the beginning the Mycostat would cause me to burp and had an odd smell, but either the burping went away or I got used to the smell, because it didn't seem so bad after awhile.
My naturopath had me take it when I felt like I was getting pouchitis. I buy Mycostat Complex Caps by Professional Formulas from the website. Their website says 'Nutritional Mycotoxin Formula - Mycostat Capsules are specially designed to assist the bowel control Intestinal yeast and Fungal overgrowth'.

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