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Hello Team:

After multiple rectal dilatation and attempts to treat my stricture and rectal issues without surgery, my surgeon (who I trust implicitly-he's brilliant and a blessing) has recommended a sphincterotomy. I have been dealing with the inability to fully use the bathroom for two and a half years and I have had four dilation sessions. Prior to all four sessions, I have been so "tight" that the surgeon avoided doing an exam without minor anesthesia to help me avoid pain. The surgeon had been very vocal about not wanting to go the surgical route as he indicated that for people with Jpouches, there tend to be "contol" issues later in life. Ive also developed a sentinel pile. At this point, he states that he feels that it is time to go this route and that he will do all that he can to do the bare minimal of cutting (for a lack of a better term). I'm 32 and scared to death of what "lack of control" may mean moving forward--especially since I have been thrilled that control post surgery has never been an issue for me.

I had my jpouch surgery (all removed including rectum) in '98 and had a very successful adhesion removal surgery in December 2011. I feel great EXCEPT for the fact that going to the bathroom is very painful and I always feel like I have to go because it all can't come out. The surgeon says that this is the last piece to hopefully give me normalcy and relief for a while.

Here are my questions:
1) What have been the results for people who have had sphincterotomys? Have you had any control related issues?
2) Is there tremendous pain to use the bathroom after the surgery? After dialation--it was pretty painful to use the bathroom.
3) My surgeon stated that the procedure is outpatient and I should go home that day. What is recovery like?
4) Is it worth it or should I just push for regular dialations?
5) Has anyone had more than one sphincterotomy? Is there a risk of adhesions?

I'm supposed to call my surgeon's office to set a date as soon as possible but am feeling quite anxious. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

PS: If these questions have already been asked on the boards, I apologize. I did try searching the word "sphincterotomy" but didnt find the answers.

Again, thank you. This board is amazing for helping ease anxiety.

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