Today was a little tough, and I just realized part of the reason is because I skipped my afternoon Imodium. I've been taking two in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Do those of you who take it do so consistently? Did you take it early on and reduce it over time? How many do you take? What's it like is you miss one?

I'm not surprised by this outcome, but am curious to what you all do!
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everyone is different.

i currently have a loop ileostomy and am in between surgeries 2 and 3.

for about 4 weeks after surgery i was taking immodium regularly.

now its been 4 months and i dont take anything. my output is ok

if my output is getting a bit liquidy i may take one immodium a day, but then i find my output gets too think and i start pancaking around the stoma.

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