Hi all,

This has happened to me before but it eventually goes within a few days but this time it’s a bit more prolonged. 

Has anyone ever felt like they’ve sort of pulled or strained the muscle at the anus area? Sometimes caused from maybe pushing a little too hard. I don’t get pain when it’s passing through, only slightly when I  give it a little push.

Anyone know what’s good for helping this type of “pain” or strain? (I quote pain as I don’t feel pain throughout the day or anything).


Thanks in advance

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Well there's no pain when I'm passing the stool, but I can still notice a mild sort of pain when I feel my pouch filling up and feels tender if I was give my stool a bit of a push. I think I'd be seeing blood if it was hemorrhoids and be in a lot more pain... Just hoping it's a strain that's taking it's time to heal.

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