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Anyone else been told they have this? A doctor poked at my nerves all day and my stomach ones are particularly sensitive. Sending signals all over the place, but apparently it's been bothering me my whole life, not just since UC and various surgeries.
I thought the UC diagnosis was the reason I had always been in so much pain in my life. But now it turns out I might have Crohn's as well. I'm in daily pain that's only getting worse since my cuffitis flare started.
I'm supposed to get nerve injections toward the end of May. I'm so sick of being on so many medications to manage the pain. Are there any brilliant moves I haven't been making for pain management ideas? Please help.
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I don't have any ideas for you but am curious as think I may have similar problems as you do. I don't think I have crohns but do have chronic cuffitis and IPS. I had IBS with my UC so that doesn't shock me. I have fibromyalgia and other health problems making my life miserable.

What kind of doctor was poking around your nerves that found your stomach ones? I am currently seeing a neurologist for neuropathy in my feet and migraine headaches. Although no cause has been located. I never thought of asking about testing the nerves in the rest of my body.

I hope they find out what is causing your problems. What sites are your nerve injections going to be?

Good Luck!
I'm not sure about the answer to the injections, as I don't have the paper in front of me at the moment, but I can definitely tell you after my apopintment. Basically the pelvic area nerve blocks, and steroids I think. I just wanted to quickly respond that since you're in Iowa you should check out the clinic, in the Twin Cities. Multiple locations. It's called MAPS Pain Clinic (Medical Advanced Pain Specialits) and I am seeing the doctor they have for pelvic pain. They have specialists based on your area of pain though.
Sorry to hear about your pain.

My daughter is in pain daily sometimes stomach or up higher and then sometimes pelvic area. Dr is telling her it's hypersensitivity since having 4 surgeries. Whatever you want to call it, she is still in pain.

Please let us know how this works out for you. I wil try to read up more about it.

Hope you get some relief!
The nerves get messed with from surgery. I have IC due to abdominal surgery years ago. I have a seriously messed up bladder. I have had nerve blocks done. 5 inch needles put in my lower back to kill the nerve. It takes sessions but I had 30% decrease in overall pain in my pouch and bladder. Worth it in my opinion. I need to go back to PM.
That's really interesting Becky's mom. They told her it's hypersensitivity from the operations and dropped it. I was told it must be adhesions and am still on Norco. At least these other ladies have doctors that are trying to do something to get rid of the pain!

Vanessasavy and KelseyHey please let us know when you receive help so we can seek the same. Take care everyone.
It was the first time I ever hugged a doctor. I got off the table and couldn't feel any pain or anything Smiler

I am on Norco now but I have been battling C.diff and an abscess so my body hurts. Find out tomorrow if I formed a clot. Never ending drama! But I have had the lidocane injections, those are nothing and don't last long, they are just in the back with small needles. Real nerve blocks are about 5 inch suckers. Doesn't hurt though and was interesting watching it being done.

anyone else been Dx now with pudendal nerve injury or entrapment? I have tried so many thing sfor it and I hear surgery is very often unsuccessful.....I am on  gabapentin (HATE it) and a low dose anti depressant and they are doing nothing...oxycodone w/acet. only helps a little and, thanks to druggies, it is very hard to get a high enough dose of them to do any good in OH....any ideas anyone? empathy to all

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