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Hello all,

I’m a med student, and about three weeks ago I ended up having to take Cipro because I was having really watery stool and not feeling well from test anxiety. My BM went back to somewhat normal (frequency and consistency wise) but a few days before the big test I started having frequency and liquid stools again. They lasted around 4 days and I ended up going to my GI again.
He told me to take Cipro again but to get a fecal analisis done to test for irritable bowel, which he doesn’t think I have. I have pretty bad anxiety and I do see a correlation between my guts and it. I’m thinking about getting on anti-anxiety meds. I’m only 19 but I can’t deal with it anymore.

Has anyone had this happen? Any advice. I’ve been straying from Sugar and trying to eat well. Could this all be psychological? Anything helps.

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I agree with the stress speculation.

Even when what I call "Unfelt" stress is present.

Things like doing everyday things. Going to work.

Just Unfelt stress.

I know for a fact stress was a big factor with myself.

I could go into it. But I won't. Well. A little.

Once I got rid of my problem all the stress I felt there was gone.   

I cannot say it was for anyone else.


That 'unfelt' stress was part of a documentary I saw on TV some time ago. They had people living in a city and others living on the countryside have a simulated job interview and measured stress indicators.

While both groups said from their own impression that they did not feel much stress during the interview, those from the countryside had significantly lower stress levels. That difference was blamed on bacteria of the bowel's microbioma which enabled people from the countryside (because of contact to animals like cows in their childhood) to cope with stress better than others.

I think there is still a lot we have to learn about the symbiosis with our bowel's microbioma.

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