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Just wonder if anyone with a j pouch is able to eat sweet potatoes with skin or prunes rather then prune Juice.  I need fiber since I suffer from weak muscles when I eliminate and fiber helps.  I eat sweet potatoes without skin and no one can tell me if it is constipating or still has fiber.  Prune juice makes me a little ill, so want to try prunes.  I eat lots of broccoli and small amount of beans as they cause severe gas.  I was told when eating string beans to cut them in small pieces.

I would so appreciate some advice please, suffer from forcing a raw bottom, my doctor had a special suave made up for me that helps some what.  Only using two weeks.

Please help. God Bless and thank you.

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Mikeey, there are two kinds of fiber, and they don’t behave the same way at all, particularly for J-pouchers. Soluble fiber is found in oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas, and some fruits and vegetables. It is also found in psyllium, a common fiber supplement. Some types of soluble fibermay help lower risk of heart disease. Insoluble fiber is found in foods such as wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains. Many foods (like prunes) have a mix of both kinds of fiber. Prunes also contain sorbitol, which I avoid like poison, though I’d eat them if I were constipated.

I take extra soluble fiber every day, in the form of psyllium. I’m more careful with insoluble fiber, though I enjoy that, too. Insoluble fiber is the one with the greater tendency to soften stool, which most J-pouchers don’t need.

Scott F-Thank you so much for your very helpful response.  Because the muscles  are weak unlike what I went through before moving bowels constantly, its difficult to move my bowels because of this weakness,. So afraid  to eat many things as I get constipated with foods I always enjoyed, and have lost 25 pounds, I suffer with a raw bottom constantly because of forcing.  Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, I always see you help so many people.

Hi, Mikeey. If you Google "soluble foods list" you will find lots of lists giving you soluble foods to choose from. I looked it up and, yes, sweet potatoes are on the list of soluble fiber foods that help ease constipation. So that's good for your situation. I would not eat the skin because it could cause constipation. Peel the skin, and eat the inside. Maybe later when you feel better you can eat the skin. is one site that is easy to follow and search. Also, if you want to know the amount of fiber in the food you eat, try "" you can search any food you can think of, and it will show you a complete break down of calories, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sugar, sodium, vitamins, per serving. Five grams of fiber per serving is considered good.  However, doesn't tell you if the food is soluble or insoluble. You will need to click on the soluble foods list to see that. 

I'm with Scott on the psyllium recommendation. I'm not sure what I'd do without it. Well, actually, I do know that I'd be very uncomfortable...butt burn, thin stool, more frequent emptying and hemeroids! I learned this when I was in Cuba and didn't have access to psyllium. 

Also, as an aside when I was pregnant and a bit constipated, my doctor told me to stew the prunes to have a better effect. Good luck to your 'lazy' bowel!!

I had my operation 19 years ago, its the sphincter muscles that are not working properly and must go to NYU to try to exercise these muscles to make  them  stronger or possibly need an operation if that does not work, my appointment was originally March 30 which I think will be cancelled because of corona virus, the reason I have problems pushing out stool.

Thanks so much for your concern Scott.

Hi Jaypea- I have an appointment on March 30th at NYU, I am hoping to get some help, so wonderful they were able to help you. Just wonder if she perhaps knows someone in New York City that she might be able to recommend, not that happy with the Doctor I am seeing, had seen him before and he did not give me to much encouragement.  I am going to be 76 so not sure if they can do a lot to help me, I do hope so, its been so difficult to live this way.

I thank you so much for lifting my spirits a little.  Take good care.

I be constipated too. Part of that is because I am always on antibiotics, but I remember the very early days before antibiotics and I tended toward constipation. The sad and unfortunate fact is that I often have to use an enema to completely empty my pouch. If I don’t, I just keep going, pass a little stool, do it again - over and over. I get no sleep, my stomach site hurts and I am miserable.

I hope you find someone to help. 

Hi KTA- I am so sorry to hear all that you go through and I so hope you will be able to some how get better.  I know what your going through and its so difficult, I do pray we will somehow overcome our difficulties one day and start to enjoy a better life. I have tried many doctors and one has  tried  to help me so much, just wonder if you have tried other doctors to maybe help you a little more.

Thank you so much for your response, and God Bless.

Winterberry- Twice I wrote every single things I eat and my computer just broke down, sorry I tried to answer and its difficult to do all over again, sorry I tried. I did go to a  nutrionist who was very good and helped me a great deal, as my doctor also agreed with his diet plan, I do drink 3 to 4 16.9  bottles of water daily .

Again, sorry but did try to do it but to no avail. Today I first tried phyllium  for the first time as some members had suggested.

Thank you so much for your wonderful concern.

Hi Mikeey. In case it might be helpful, I have had amazing success with a cup of cooked GF steel cut oatmeal every morning. I just make it with water and there seems to be something special about it being "steel cut"..not processed, rolled or quick cooking. For me, the soluble fiber seems to act not only as a bulking agent  (creating a smooth exit) but also as a "broom" sweeping out whatever lingering bacteria/food particles are in my GI tract that could cause further mischief (SIBO)

Since I started this routine a few years ago, I have not been on any medications nor have I had pouchitis. Good luck to you...I hope you feel better soon. 


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