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I am (was) a huge protien eater and still down much more than my hubby or the family does...when I crave protien and cannot get home to cook (I do not eat meat outside of my home...only fish or chicken)I head for nut butters. I am not a huge fan of soya and don't do well on too much milk or chese so they are my only option. They have the advantage (disadvantage for me) of helping to pack on the pounds...
you can keep small packages of peanut butter or almond butter in a tupperwear and carry them around with you (works well in a ziplock too)...
PlantFusion contains no soy, lactose, gluten, nuts etc. I use it everyday to make a fruitsmoothie and it furnishes 43% of the daily required protein. It was recommended by my nutritionist and I've been using it for several years. You can look up where to purchase it locally on-line by inserting your zip code on their website. You can also purchase it at Amazon and other sites on-line. I hope it's something that can help you.
online protein vendor however you choose what types of proteins and the rations of you want it to be. example:

50% isolyzed whey lactoze free
25% egg white protein isolyzed
10% cassien lactose free
5% maltodrexin (carbohydrate)
5% MT (multi trygliceride carbohydrates)
then you pick the flavor poundage of mixture
lastly you can choose to add EAAs, BCAA, and other vitamins as per you liking

Basically you can tinker with the different protein compounds and how much carbs you want until you find something that sits well...I have found I make mine strictly proteins then instead of doing a beverage I heat up a nut butter that is natural and mix in the servings (s) of the powder into it then mix it then eat it. since our digestion moves stuff quicker the nut butter A adds carbs and B allows a longer transit making more use of the proteins.
I looked that up and it is interesting. It's a matter of how you want to use the mix for and what content you want in it.

I like PlantFusion because it is a complete protein made only from plant sources with organic ingredients - sprouted amaranth & quinoa. It's infused with BCAAs and L-Glutamine to support muscle strength & energy and is lactose free and gentle on the stomach. It's proprietary enzyme blend supports maximum absorption without stomach irritation. It's got a low glycemic load, cholesterol free, 100% natural & non-GMO. Therefore I think it too is excellent for our systems as well. I take vitamins and other supplements as needed for my health needs in addition to this that provides 42% of the daily required protein requirement. I use it to make fruit smoothies, I always start with a banana and vary the fruit I use and sometimes put in a carrot or spinach, so that's how I get those in my diet. I also mix my VSL#3DS in with it so have quite the healthy daily cocktail every day.

I do make another mean one with the chocolate mix where I include a banana homemade peanut butter and milk and ice. This one is good and like yours has extra protein from the peanut butter.

These all taste better than going to get ice cream and they are good for us.
I don't eat tons of meat. The only meat I eat is baked chicken and turkey plus some sliced sandwich meats. I like beef & pork but my system doesn't. I'd given up beef before I had my colon out so it's not a big loss. I still have ground beef in some sauces but use ground turkey as well.

I love cheese so eat a lot of sandwiches. Cheese has protein and is fattening too.

The chocolate flavoring, in PlantFusion, is not too strong. If you really want an ice cream shake taste you need to add chocolate syrup.

There are no nuts in PlantFusion unless you add them as it is free of nuts, soy, lactose, gluten, etc.

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