I had a diversion with a permanent ileostomy made a couple months ago, and am now experiencing some serious leakage from my anal area (as well as a couple fistulas nearby).  I sometimes get a slight indication it's coming, and if a bathroom is close enough, I can get there in time.  But more and more, I just can't make it, especially if I'm out and about.    This happens around 4 times/24 hr. period, give or take.  There seems to be more and more "stuff" coming out, so my Always overnighters just don't cut it anymore, day or night, as they don't absorb the amt. of this liquidy stuff.  

I've sent my surgeon a note about this, but haven't heard back yet.  Last I was told, though, was that I won't be having the pouch removed for at least a few more months due to healing issues with a huge abscess.  Sob.

Can anybody offer up suggestions as to either adult underwear or protective pads that might contain this stuff?    Most of the adult underwear I see is for urinary incontinence.  I appreciate any suggestions, I'm getting close to my wits ends here.

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I would try the underwear.  Could you wear them backwards so the urinary padding would be at the rear?

Sorry you are having this problem.  I tried diversion first and had problems but they weren't as bad.  Could they treat you for pouchitis or cuffitis?  They might be the cause of the discharge.

Thanks for the idea, Marie - why didn't I think of that?!?    I've also been doing some research on-line and  found some pads for fecal incontinence I intend on trying.  Will update if they work, in case anybody else has similar problems.

I have a note in to my surgeon re. "treatment", if there is such a thing.  The drs. at Cleveland Clinic told me it was normal to expel "stuff" once every few days, as the pouch keeps producing mucous, etc., but this goes waaaaay beyond that.  Could be diversionary pouchitis, although I feel good otherwise, or as you suggest, my cuffitis.  Hopefully, treatable.  

HI N/A, I have the same problem, and it has become worse over time since my pouch was disconnected 7 years ago. I use womens maternity pads - but they don't always cut it - and the leakage exceeds them.  If you find something better please let us know. 

Thanks, Saff.  I think I'll give maternity pads a try, nothing else is really working.  I didn't know anything about maternity pads as I have no kids!  I was on a walk yesterday and felt it coming on, I was about 2 miles from home.  So, since there is no way whatsoever to hold that stuff in, it leaked on my Always pad.  Eventually, the pad absorbed it, but in the meanwhile, things were a mess.  I am actually looking forward (kinda) to having this pouch outta me.  Tired of the mess/fistulas/abscesses.   Are you considering having yours taken out?  

Hi everyone! 

Im sorry you have such a problem.

I  am a new member here. I have S pouch. have diversion every day( so I have to use regular  pads) and every night I use night big pads and I also put a lot of cotton rolls up on my pad. My alarm always setup at 2:30am and 5am, so I can go to the bathroom and there is less chance of diversion. 

HI again N/A, 

Yes I'm pretty over it and lining up the appoints for removal this year.. maybe mid year.. depending on surgeons availability. I think its affecting my overall health. I have a fistula, arthritis, chronic pelvic pain, leakage.. etc pretty boring and tiring. The removal may not solve the arthritis, but I think i will be better off. Keep in touch if you are too, 

Saff, it is boring and tiring.  Are you on any medications that you feel help?  Hope you can get your removal scheduled and everything settles afterwards.  I will post when mine is scheduled, as well.  Hopefully within the next 6 months.  Kristinamel, welcome to the board!  I can sometimes "pre-emptively" empty my pouch of all the stuff that's in it, and that leaves me feeling fairly confident for a few hours.  If I could just hold it 'til I got to a bathroom, like it were regular poop, I'd be OK with it.  However, the search for absorbable pads continues....

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