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Hi everyone,

Haven't been here in a while, generally been doing well! But, here I am with something new.

I had an annoying case of recurring hemorrhoids earlier this year that finally seems to have settled down, in as far as discomfort/bleeding etc. However, I noticed last week that I now have what I think is a prolapsed hemorrhoid (skin tag?) that I have to manually push back in after each BM. I otherwise have no major pain (just some irritation which is pretty par for the course for me) and pouch function is unchanged. I've had external skin tags for years that my surgeon says cause more trouble to remove, so we've left them alone, but the protruding one - if it is even a skin tag! - is concerning me a bit, as I'm afraid it could become strangulated or interfere with emptying, or else it will eventually protrude permanently. I have spoken to my surgeon's office and they are supposed to call back with an appointment, but gave me the impression that it won't be for a least a couple more weeks. I'm not panicking or anything as I don't think this an urgent matter, just more of a head scratcher.

Anybody have experience with something like this, or have any ideas?

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Well I have an answer. Not a hemorrhoid or a skin tag, but a Hypertrophied anal papillae. Totally benign.

My surgeon says normally he'd just snip it off, but I'm not an average patient and he doesn't want to risk infection close to the pouch, so we're going to leave it for now. Often they do reduce on their own, according to him, so we will leave it for now and just monitor. He did prescribe cortisone for week just to see if it helps, but otherwise nothing to do.

You learn something new every day, I guess.


Hi also have a skin tag.  I noticed it one year after my j-pouch surgery.  My surgeon told me just leave it alone.  Now it's been 8 years since surgery the skin tag is just a little larger but doesn't interfere with bowel movements.  When I have pouchitis it seems to get a little larger.  I am still not able to gain weight.  There are just certain foods that I just can not eat.  I spoke to nutritionist, she told me try other foods with baby steps.  I have been trying to do that but than I always have bleeding and burning at night.  I can't tolerate it any longer.  Does anyone have a magic solution for this problem?   Thanks   Grace

Hi Grace,

I have two external skin tags that don't bother me at all. The newer issue I have is the hypertrophied anal papilla, which - in terms of the most simple description - is basically an internal skin tag which has prolapsed and is now protruding through the anus with bowel movements and needs to be manually pushed back in.  It's not a hemorrhoid, however it does become irritated and sore. It's also not likely to shrink spontaneously from what I have been told. My surgeon is reluctant to remove it given the proximity to the pouch, but my guess is that if it continues to become irritated and/or gets larger it is probably going to have to be removed at some point.  It's an annoyance right now more than anything, and other than barrier creams there isn't much I can do for it. The hydrocortisone ointment did provide some relief, but cannot be used long term.

Just based on your post, it sounds like your issue is more related to pouchitis and weight gain rather than the skin tag.   Have you been tested for anything else such as Celiac, allergies, or c-diff which may be contributing to your issues/food intolerance? Has Crohns been ruled out? Short bowel syndrome? Medication side effect? I'm sure there could be many other avenues to be explored, and there are others on this forum who can perhaps suggest some other factors that should be ruled out well. I do know that weight gain in general can be tricky after surgery. My weight at one point was down to 85 pounds after my colon was removed, when I was severely ill with ileus. I was in hospital for a total of 5 weeks at that time. I had absolutely no appetite. When I was finally discharged, I started back by eating 5-6 very small meals a day, and I was advised (obviously) to ensure those meals were high in calories. Lots of peanut butter, cheese, protein, etc. Gradually I was able to eat larger meals.  It took me quite a while to gain my weight back as well as my normal appetite, but I did eventually gain with the help of a dietitian.  I wish you the best of luck in getting the answers you need!

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