Can you have both a vaginal and rectal prolapse at the same time? 

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Yes! I'm 19 & I've had 14 surgeries for my jpouch & 2 of them were to fix a rectal prolapse, & I have another surgery coming up to fix my rectal and vaginal prolapse! My surgeon, at the Cleveland Clinic, sent me to physical therapy to try and naturally fix both of my prolapses now. 

I found out Friday that I have a uterine prolapse as well as a bladder prolapse.  I am not sure if I have a rectal prolapse.  I see my urogynocologist on 2/2 to get his opinion.  I have a ct scan this Wednesday to see what it shows. 

How bad are your prolapses?  Are you able to see any inside tissue trying to come out of vagina?  I was told my uterus is 1" from the vaginal opening.  I can't see my urethra.  

Good luck! My rectal prolapse isn't too bad, but I also have a jpouch prolapse, that kinks sometimes. But my vaginal prolapse only moves a little bit, but enough to cause pain and lots of pressure after standing for a couple minutes. I was told that my pelvic floor was really tight & had a hard time relaxing due to prior surgeries, so my PT suggested doing kegels. 

The kegels have definitely helped with the pain of the vaginal prolapse, it has definitely tightened things up a bit. Have your doctor do an internal exam, and check your muscles inside 

I actually only have the 1/2" of a rectum and then the jpouch.  I don't know what if anything is wrong with that.  

When you say vaginal prolapse, are you talking about the uterus?

I'm so glad I found this post. I've been told I have a bladder prolapse and a level 1 uterine prolapse. Plus my uterus is retroflexed. Did either of your vaginal prolapsed cause you to have a hard time emptying your J pouch? I got my J pouch 18 months ago and I feel like I've been straining to empty ever since. I've been dilated for times and it didn't even feel like it helped the last time. Then I got an infection after that. So I haven't gone back in to get dilated. I sure would like to know what's causing this issue with not being able to empty my pouch very easily. My doctor has also suggested Physical Therapy but I haven't started yet.

Here is my update:  I went to Dallas and saw a colorectal surgeon and he had me see high risk gynecologist and have a  defecography test.  Here is what I have found out so far:  I have a rectal prolapse into the vagina, uterine prolapse, outlet obstruction which is causing stool to get stuck in the rectal stump and then causing cuts and breaks in the skin in the rectal area, I can not fully empty my pouch, small intestine has dropped all the way down and is getting pressed on by the uterus, the beginning of a bladder prolapse, pressure from uterus pressing on bladder making me think I need to urinate when my bladder is empty, I feel like my rectum is going to fall out of my body and I am sitting on a ball.

Doctors said I need a total hysterectomy (cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries). surgery to repair my rectal prolapse and not sure how they plan on fixing the other issues.  I don't know if I can keep my j-pouch yet.  They probably won't be able to figure that out until surgery.  Right now I am waiting on a phone call for the date of my surgery.  They will try and do it laproscopic but most likely will be cut open. (I have been cut open 5 times already.)  7 abdominal surgeries so far.

 I have don't physical therapy in the past.  The current issues need to be addressed surgically now.

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I'm just curious how you've been doing after all that. It's been a long time since your last post. I have been to physical therapy and was told that I had strengthened my vaginal wall, but it didn't take care of the underlying issue of not being able to fully empty my pouch. So I continued to strain. Then my Gastro Dr. told me I still have ulcerative colitis in my rectal stump and put me back on meds. More recently I complained that the straining still continues to plague me and he basically told me I probably have an anatomical change due to the J-pouch surgery and there's nothing he can do. He suggested pushing my fingers into my vagina while defecating to lift the uterus and bladder and so far that's the only thing that helps, but I don't want to have to do that the rest of my life.

Has anyone tried getting fitted for a pessary for their prolapse and would it work if I'm still straining?



I had surgery in June 2018 by Dr. Hurley and Dr. O'Neil in Dallas.  They are both amazing doctors.  They had to cut me open and my uterus was stuck my j-pouch and rectal stump via scar tissue.  My insides were worse than anticipated. The scar tissue was covering everything and they could not see anything.  It took over an hour to cut through the scar tissue.  I had a complete hysterectomy and they put my j-pouch and small intestine back where they should be.  After surgery, when I got up to walk, I could tell the weight on my rear was not there.  Three days after surgery I had a tachycardia and ended up in ICU for 2 days.  I was seconds from dying.  It scared me half to death.  My 6 year old daughter was sitting next to me when it happened.  A few months after surgery, I started feeling better than I have in 20 years.  I was able to completely empty my j-pouch.   

I was correct that my rectal stump, j-pouch and uterus were all stuck together and I had a pelvic floor prolapse with both.  I do have somewhat of a prolapse with my uterus.  My doctors were shocked with how bad it was.

Everything was great until 9/19/19 when I was in a horrible car accident.  A woman hit me head on.  I now have problems with my j-pouch with fecal accidents again, issues with not completely emptying my bowel, abdominal pain and nausea. I am seeing my doctors trying to fix all this. 

Have you seen your colorectal surgeon?  Ask for a proctograpghy or defecography test.  It is where a radiologist puts barium up your rectum to your j-pouch and uses x-ray to watch you "release" it into a make shift toilet.  That will diagnose a rectal prolapse.  Only specially trained radiologists can preform this test.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and the complications following.  I hope the Dr's find out how to fix it.  How did you locate your high risk gynecologist and the wonderful surgeons that did your surgery in 2018?

I am very resourceful and have ways of finding out.  I live in Oklahoma and no one in Oklahoma could handle my case.  My colorectal surgeon in north Texas and he sent me to the top gynecologist in north Texas.  My gynecologist said I was the worst situation he had ever seen.  They said when there is a difficult situation like mine, they work together. 

That is so good to know. I've been to several different Dr's and they refused to take my case. I live in Utah and it looks as though my situation is going to be the same. I might have to go out of state to find a surgeon.  Did you have to have both a colorectal surgeon and a gynecological surgeon do the surgery together? 

I hope you don't mind all my questions.  It's just that I'm afraid I'll have to have surgery in my near future. What was your recovery time after this surgery? And if you don't mind my asking, how old are you?

I will be 47 this month. I had this surgery when I was 45.  I had to go out of state for surgery. My colorectal surgeon that did my other surgeries moved out of state. The other colorectal surgeon refused to see me.  The gynecologists said I did not have a problem.  

When I had this surgery, there were 3 surgeons in the OR. The surgery had to be done by both a colorectal surgeon and gynecologist at the same time.

You might want to contact Dr Travis Bray, PhD with and ask him if he knows the top colorectal surgeon in Utah. He is an excellent contact.

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Thank you for your advice. I will look into that. I will be 42 in March. We have a lot in common, though I haven't had many surgeries as you. I hope and pray you can find the problem that's  causing your current symptoms, get it treated, and start feeling better. Good luck to you.

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