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Went to have my yearly pouchscopy with Dr. Shen he said I had a small area in the tip my pouch that had prolapse. said we just need to watch it.Gave me belladona supp.Has any body had this or can give advice on treating it.Have already looked at past post. Also can belladona make you feel loopy or tired? Also I've had problems with spinghter , had lots of surgeries and finaly went to CC in Ohio and Dr.Shen And Dr.Lavery fixed me up.Dr Shen told me next month he is going to a workshop to learn about this new one time shot to help spingter control.It is been FDA approved and cost 1000$.I still leak a little and he said that it could be a great help.Don't know any else about it but I will be calling him in the weeks to come.Has anybody else heard any thing about it. Thanks
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Yes, pipefitter,
Belladonna can make you a bit loopy and cause drowsiness in some people so take the first doses while at home or in a place where you do not need to drive...
I am very interested in what the sphincter repair will be all about and what the new method is...please post on it as soon as you hear...there are quite a few people (including a few Aussies here) who would benefit from the surgery...
Thanks for posting

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