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Hello all

yesterday I had a Pouchoscopy done. I was told I had severe colitis in the pouch. I am confused on what that means. Could Dr have meant Proctitis of the pouch? He prescribed a enema of mesaline not sure if spelling. However I am very worried as he also did a biopsy. Could this be serious and cause me to lose my pouch? Has anyone else this has happened to? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Angie,

please do not panic!

I would be as confused as you are. I re-looked over my recent pouchoscopy biopsy results and it’s states ‘mild active chronic colitis in the anal transition zone.’  
The doctors call this cuffitis.  Since the ~2cm cuff is the only remaining colonic tissue leftover, it is the only place colitis or cuffitis can still occur.

the biopsies will tell you exactly what is going  on, whether it is cuffitis, pouchitis  or something else.

ask the doctor when he gives you the biopsy results.  Tell him/her you are  confused as to the prior conversation. I certainly would be.

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