I recently flew out of Jackson Hole airport and was shocked when the screener (TSA contractor) pulled me aside for additional screening.  She pointed to the place on the scan that had lit up when I went through the scanner -- just where my colon should have been.  She then conducted an incredibly aggressive and humiliating search of my abdominal area,  the space in between my legs, and down the back of my pant.  

I cannot imagine why this area lit up (20 years post j-pouch surgery) nor why anyone thought this was making it safer to fly.  I don't know whether my lack of a colon had anything to do with it but can't think of any other reason.

Of course, the supervisor denied that anything was wrong with his machine, his screener, etc.   They refused to let me walk through the scanner a second time (against TSA rules).

Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience at Jackson Hole airport or elsewhere.


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I was pulled over in Denver 2 years ago. Put in a small room and checked over. I had to wait for a supervisor to come. I almost missed my flight—but they don’t care!! I have a k pouch and wear a small cover over stoma. It always light up on the scanner, but I don’t usually get put in a room. Next time I will take the cover off when I go through and see if it makes a difference.

I went through TSA checkpoints with a J pouch many times and was never offensively searched as you were.  On occasion, I was frisked, but it always was done in a respectable manner.  I would report the person who did that so that they can be disciplined or removed from service.  I now have a BCIR and use an incontinence pad as a stoma cover.  It does not show on a scanner.



Last year, in Las Vegas, at McCarran airport, I was told to step aside (while hundreds watched), because "they see some kind of pouch". A female TSA conducted the pat-down, while I laughingly explained what said pouch really was.

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I never had any issue with TSA, although almost all of my flights in recent years have been between the Hartford and Tampa airports to visit my parents in Florida.  The TSA setups at both of those airports seem to be fairly efficient.

When I had an ostomy I was departing St Martin and was detained. They just wouldn’t listen to my explanation, I demanded a supervisor.

When she arrived I just opened my pants further and she yelled at them to let this lady go by, what was wrong with them !! Very embarrassing, but funny in the end.

3 weeks ago departing Boston I was hand checked after the body scan. I now have the K pouch and had extra bandage coverage for the flight. Maybe that shows up?

Better safe than sorry maybe



I have had TSA pull me to the side a few times. They always seem to point to the area of my j-pouch. I never tell them about it, they usually just pat me down and tell me to go on. I wondered if anyone else had this happen to them. Now I know. 

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