After my insurance, a $45 discount card for VSL, and GoodRx card discount, pharmacy still wants $124 for a 20pak. 

Is there something over the counter that can be purchased that doesn’t cost so much? 

This is ridiculous ... 

i found an old VSL article saying they have programs for people that can’t afford it, but the date on it was 2012, and the website today doesn’t show signs of that program. 

Im going to email them and see later .. 

I saw that “patient assistance program” on the web as well. I called the number but the recording asked for your message and your “Nord ID#” as if it was only for already established patients. I did leave a message but no call back yet. A 30-day supply at my pharmacy even with Good Rx is $376. 😔

Mamaswans, the first step might be to just call them up and ask how to appeal. This really would need your doctor’s support.

JeremyH, one thing to look for in a bacterial probiotic is CFUs per dose. CFU stands for “colony forming unit,” and it’s just a fancy term for a single live bacterial cell. The prescription-strength VSL has 900 billion CFUs per packet. SInce there’s no real generic equivalent, and almost no regulation, you can at least use CFUs as a way to roughly calibrate how much you’re taking.

I would also like to know. It’s back ordered at cvs for a month. The other option — visibome ( also 900 billion)—is also out of stock (just as $$) I took it for a month after finishing antibiotic. It may have extended  me from getting pouchitis so soon. 

 Well… Just got out of the pharmacy and the manufacturers coupon did not work. Not sure why the pharmacy tech just said it would not go through. Frustrating. But $376 is better than $470.  If anyone tries the manufacturers coupon and it works, please let me know! Maybe they just type something in Wrong. 

I don’t know about Canada, but it’s very hard to get in the US right now, though it can be ordered from the manufacturer. I called a bunch of pharmacies, covering all three major wholesalers, and came up dry. I finally may have found it at Sam’s Club - I’ll see tomorrow if the order comes in.

The web site has a small-print message saying it’s intended for U.S. residents only. What message do you get suggesting that it’s shut down to Canadians?

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