Has anyone tried probiotics to decrease the amount of wetness (mucous) coming out of their stoma, & did it work?
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Hi Vanessa,
On the other thread you mentioned that unless you irrigate every night you have excess wetness at night. I don't know why irrigation would affect the amount of mucous coming out at night. I don't have pouchitis - just excess mucous. I have to change the inside of my stoma covering once an hour or it soaks through my clothes.
Lol No I have wetness more after I irigate at night, during the day not that much. Align has cut down. I use one dressing a day.
I irrigate all the time.In the morning I often wake up very dry even after irrigating at night.
I have eliminated dairy almost completely from my diet and that has made a significant drop in the mucous discharge.
That is not the reason I did it; just another plus.

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