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My gastro recommended Pouchers to take ALign. I have never taken it before but I just thought I would share since my gastro told me to take Align as a probiotic prevention for pouchitis. I never taken it because I never had pouchitis but a lot of people have taken it on here and I have heard nothing but good results. I think you should give ALign a try and see what happens.

Good luck with it, I hope it helps

I tried Align for about 6 months, but did not see any benefit in my case, so I stopped it. My husband who also has UC, but still has his colon, says he noticed a significant improvement in his function, with fewer flares, and less troublesome flares when they did occur. He has been taking Align for several years now.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for replying. I did some research and come to find out that most probiotics have dairy in them. I know a number of pouchers can’t tolerate dairy. I found a vegan brand, and started with the children’s strength and it’s working excellent. A little more formed stool, and less frequency. I pray it continues.

Have a great day!


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