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I would buy the probiotics as soon as you can based on what I have seen on this forum. I have never used it myself but plan to once my Pouchitis clears up.

Last night my GI told me I had a severe case of Pouchitis and he put me on XIFAXAN for 9 days. I had mentioned Probiotics and how it has helped so many people but he said that all the testing has never been completed. I gather he was not a big supporter of this.

I also asked him for a scrpt for VSL#3 but he refused. Too bad, because my insurance with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ would have taken care of this.

Anyway, he told me not to take Probiotics while I am on XIFXAN even after I told them that some people on this site said I should wait 3 or 4 hrs after taking the meds.

Saturday, I meet with a Nutrionist to get some ideas. I did by some juice with Probiotics but now I can't drink it because of what the doctor said.

Still, I plan on using this ASAP once I am off the meds.

I cannot eat yogurt or have any milk products incl soy produccts which has given me kidney stones.

Thanks everyone for your replies. A colorectal surgeon I recently went to suggested probiotics to help with all the excess mucous coming out of my stoma. I have to change my stoma cover once an hour because of all the wetness. Vanessa - you said you had more wetness when you used probiotics (Align) unless you irrigated at night - that is what I am trying to avoid - more wetness. I was told by my surgeon that irrigation wasn't really necessary all the time, just when I felt the need to because of thick output. Is your output that thick that it is difficult to flow through your catheter, and is that why you have to irrigate at night? I'm not sure what the benefits of irrigation are & why that would make a difference as to the amount of wetness coming out of the stoma. - Dixie

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