I read that Echinacea is not good for pouchitis. I have read that probiotics strengthen the immune system. I am confused because it this not the same idea. Some probiotics do not mention making the immune stronger, are those the ones that should be used?...thanks Confused
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I have read that Echinacea is not good for any autoimmune illness. My daughter does take probiotics and switches the probiotic every month, doctor suggested that. I thought the probiotic "supports" the immune system?? Hope it's not an issue.
I don't really know for sure but I've understood that probiotics populate the gut with diverse bacteria which is beneficial. Echinacea (and maybe ginseng?) boost the immune system. For those of us with auto immune disorders, our systems are already in overdrive at times and likely doesn't need that boost. Within weeks of having the j pouch procedure surgery I thought I was getting a cold and took my 'go-to' Cold FX. I developed an autoimmune rash all over my legs. I was told it was a reaction to the pouch bacteria overgrowth. I still wonder if I didn't put my immune system in attack mode with the Cold Fx (ginseng). Just my thoughts on it....

I just started taking this to boost my immune system.... I don't see how that would hurt people with an autoimmune issue??? I see it as only helping it...

can anyone elaborate on this?

What was stated before jibes with what I've read before, that those who have autoimmune disease do NOT want to "boost" the immune system, since it is an overactive immune system that caused the problems in the first place. That said, You'd have to buy into the notion that  echinacea supplements would actually do what you'd hope they would do, namely "boost the immune system." There is not much evidence in that regard. So, not likely to help or hurt (except maybe your wallet).



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