How did your previous stoma wound close? By itself? Did it have to be cauterized?

My surgeon said if he doesn't cauterize it it will just keep weeping forever. Has this been your experience?

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Closed by itself. It was so long ago but, as I remember it, gauze was kept in it as it heeled and hydrogen peroxide was used for cleaning. I do not recall anything about cauterizing. 

My doctor said it should close on it’s own and I’ve been noticing it has and have been seeing some new skin form as well if that helps. I do have to keep gauze on it but I don’t pack it because it no longer needs to be and I only take it off when I shower and then obviously put a new one on 

Mine mostly closed on its own, but one spot that kept bleeding so Doc cauterized it at my follow-up appointment.  It only took a second with a silver nitrate stick (I could have done that myself.)  I'm surprised how small the scar is after 5 months.  

My wound was packed and left to close by itself (with regular wound care follow up for the first few weeks). My surgeon advised that stitching or stapling the wound closed would lead to an abscess and/or excess scarring.  All in all, I think it took about 6-7 weeks to fully close and heal.  I can't remember exactly as it's been over 11 years now, but for the last little couple of weeks of healing I only needed a small bandage over it.

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I think it finally closed yesterday. I no longer covered it with gauze and the crust came off. It didn't weep. It took exactly 100 days! 

I have had a lot of stomas to close since they have moved mine 4xs. 

All have closed on their own in their own sweet time...nothing that I do or do not do will change that. I just keep them clean and covered with sterile gauze, protect them and the skin around them with something and avoid bathing for the first while, No swimming pool until they are completely healed or granulated in.

To avoid ugly scars at I do pull the edges closer together with steri-strips but I do not try to close them completely.


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