i have a question to anyone who could answer. My surgeon advised that I try going to the rest room as long as possible to train the jpouch. However when I do that I feel extreme pressure with a little pain is that normal. The urge go away for a few seconds then comes right back.



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Yeah its completely normal . I am feeling the same way. My surgeon asked me to join back the college and a gym so that i'd have to hold more at these place. He said dont just go with the first urge . It helps in stretching the pouch to its maximum capacity. Few times a day I hold until I must go. 

Thanks Guys!!! I’m still having accidents so I’m worried. I feel as if it’s not going to get any better than this. I stopped drinking the Metamucil because it makes me gassy. I switched to Citracel to see if that helps the same way ie.. bulking. Anyone else tried Citracel? Also ant diarrheal meds over the counter or prescribed does nothing for me. So I am at a loss.

I havent tried metamucil, I just take pysillium husk raw. Also I take one probiotic a day just to help digestion. I find bananas , whole wheat breads , oats and potatoes to be best bulking food. For all my carbs I'll just have them. Also salads make me go more often . So you can see if its the fresh fruits or veggies in your diet thats causing gas and loose stools. 

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