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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime, well just the other day we just found it finally happened!!! Smiler We are very excited but nervous this is the first one since I got my jpouch back in 09.

Here lately I keep getting constipated which is very uncomfortable my stomach feels very bubbly and I am very uncomfortable. I CAN'T go more than I can go here lately. Is this normal, if so what are some recommendations to make this go away. It is starting to make me nauseous when I was just starting to get over the morning sickness
Also it seems so far with what I have been reading that most pregnanies with the Jpouch are pretty successful, my surgeon only wants to see me one time when I am half way through my pregnancy and to see a high risk gyno. Why the high risk gyno? Should I be nervous/worried. I really want to have this baby without and complications
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IMO, all pouchers should be seen by a MFM (maternal-fetal medicine specialist aka high risk obstetritian - not a gyno, you see an OB for pregnancy), because the pouch surgery can cause specific complications or problems that a normal pregnancy would not encounter, such as blockages, tearing of adhesions as the baby grows and breaks up scar tissue (not much you can do about that) and then there's the issue of delivery and whether or not the "works" down there can withstand a vaginal delivery. Due to the results of medical studies, many doctors recommend a C-section for pouchers so that the continence of the mother is not permanently affected, but it's up to you and your doctor to decide.

Pregnancy and constipation go hand in hand. Increase your water, oil and fiber in your diet.
Same thing happened to me initially. I was only going once a day! But it didn't last that long. Drink some juice and eat some veggies to get things moving along. You should initially see a high risk OB for them to evaluate you, but like me, you may be told that a normal OB can handle your pregnancy. If you don't have any other complications, a regular OB can manage your pregnancy with you. The high risk OB told me that since I had successfully had a baby vaginally in the past and if the baby stayed as small as my first child, they recommended going forward with a vag. delivery. We did a check at I believe 36 weeks and again at 38 weeks to determine size and induced at 38 1/2 weeks.

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