Hi Guys! I know I haven't been on this site for over 10 months or so, but it is because I have been loving life with my K pouch! It is so nice to be out of the house and living life to the fullest. Gone are the days of incontinence, pain and frustration.

I am back to ask a few questions: I just found out that I am pregnant (7 weeks). Although this is not my first pregnancy, it is my first pregnancy with a K pouch. I had both of my sons over 8 years ago before I wss diagnosed with UC.

Any problems that I should be expecting?
Will there be trouble intubating when my belly gets big?
Will I definitely need a C section?
Is it ok to be followed by a non-pouch OBGYN? (Got my pouch in Cleveland and I live in Boston)
I have a call into Dr. Dietz, but was wondering what you guys had for feedback.

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First of all, congratulations Rosie!! What a lovely bit of news to share with us!

I can't help you much in regard to pregnancy with a k-pouch, but I would imagine that a vaginal delivery would be more acceptable with a k-pouch than with a j-pouch, since you don't have to worry about sphincter damage. That said, I am unsure what the rigors of labor would do to your valve, so it is good that you are in contact with Dr. Dietz on that front. I don't imagine that there are huge numbers of preggo k-pouchers.

That said, there have been oodles of women who had successful pregnancies with ileostomies. I believe the main issue is bowel obstruction during the third trimester. While you may not need an OB with continent pouch experience (good luck with that!), I would at least want someone who is a high risk OB and willing to confer with your surgeon at Cleveland Clinic. He could also coordinate to have a colorectal or general surgeon in the delivery room or at least on standby in the hospital, just in case there are GI complications during delivery.

Again, congrats on the great news!

Jan Smiler
Congratulations Rosie,
Such great news!
I will tell you what Dr C told me when I had mine done and was a recent newlywed.
You may need to intubate more often, go onto strait drain in the last months (hook up to a leg bag to avoid any difficulties intubating), increase input of fluids and avoid roughage (stick to a high protien, low carb diet)...
He told me that a vaginal birth was ok, almost better than a C section and that there should be no problem with it (keep that strait drain in).
Other then that he sent me forth to multiply Big Grin
So, as far as I know it is green light all the way. So enjoy...and yes you do need a high risk OBGYN
Thanks Ladies! Yes, Dr. Dietz said that vaginal birth is optimal. I guess I was still in the J pouch mind-set when I was thinking about a C-section. I have an appointment a week from this Friday with a high risk OB at Tufts in Boston.

Thanks again! and I will keep you all posted
Another thing; since you have carried successfully to term before, it is to your advantage and less likely that there will be obstetrical reasons for a c-section (unless you had them before). I am sure you know to expect the unexpected, because stuff happens regardless of your intestinal plumbing.

I had a c-section with my first son, long before I had any abdominal surgery. He was breech and it did not occur until I was in labor. But, since you are experienced with pregnancy, at least you have that going for you!!

Jan Smiler
I have had 2 pregnancies with my Kock. The first with twins. Both were C-sections.
I probably ate and acted the way all pregnant women do.
My intubation of the pouch didn't change, although it was a little difficult to see the stoma underneath my belly Roll Eyes Just remember to chew your foods well so they don't get caught up in the catheter, keep hydrated and enjoy!

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