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I am looking for thoughts & recommendations on pre-natal vitamins.  I have a history of bowel obstructions and iron supplements tend to make me feel backed up.  I'm also concerned about overall absorption issues and which supplements may be better absorbed than others.  My hemoglobin tends to be borderline low so I need to take iron. 

What brand of prenatal do you recommend? Did you take a prenatal with iron or without?  Did you take extra supplements (like folic acid in addition to a prenatal vitamin) due to knowing that absorption would be an issue? Did you find one more tolerable to the pouch in terms of feeling bloated or gassy?  Is there an iron supplement you recommend?

Appreciate your advice.



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I know this is an older thread but notice that there are no responses. I found prenatal in capsule form when I was pregnant with my son rather than tablet because, well, they would just come out the other end whole. I also took additional folic acid. 

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