While dealing with pouch issues and going back to an ileostomy due to leak and spinal infection, they found a small 8mm tumor on my kidney in March when doing CT Scan on abdomen. Nobody ever said anything about it while in hospital and actually when reading my discharge reports a week later after i got home i read about it. siad 8mm hyperdense indeterminate lesion in left kidney. I called my surgeon to ask him and he said hes not too concerned about it and the tech probably was not either and thats why nobody questioned it. He sent it over to his colleague to view itm and he stated to go get rescanned in October and they can compare films. 3 weeks ago i went and had another CT scan. Surgeon called me and said they want me to get an MRI now to try and determine what it is cuz the CT scan still was not clear. The report now says its 1cm, which grew 2 mm in 7 months)hypodense indeterminate lesion. Its obviously just not a simple cyst or im sure the ct scan would have determined that. First scan said it was hyperdense and new scan says its hypodense?? I read that hypo is better than hyper.. Anyways getting MRI on saturday, and praying its not cancerous. Still dealing with jpouch that has a hole in it , now i may have to worry about ****ing kidney cancer? it never ends. Because its only 1 cm big its very small, so if anything to be concerned about it shouldnt be too big of a deal. I was reading about cryoablation. They stick a few needle like probes into tumor guided by ct scan and freeze the tumor. very good success rate of destroying it completely and very noninvasive. usually go home next day.All my bloodwork is good, and no kidney function issues at this time.

pray for me...someone please. i want to be around for my daughters who are only 8 and 7
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Really sorry to hear this. You have been through way too much already. My fingers are crossed that it is not cancerous and if it is, that it can be destroyed completely with no residuals. Good luck.
Really sorry that this is happening...hopefully you are right and hypo is not as bad as hyper..let this be just a blip on the screen and not a bump in the road.
You've got all of my prayers for this one.
Hang in there...it is pointless to stress until there is a reason to stress.
Don't waste the good
I am so sorry to hear this and you are in my prayers poucho.

That said I want to tell you about a lady that I know that had kidney cancer. It was a tuwmor 'in" her kidney and they removed her kidney and she was cured. She needed no chemo or radiation.

I have a nodule on my adrenal gland that they just keep looking at and when I compared the size of it to the size of the gland I thought it was pretty big. No, they doctors say it's nothing to worry about. I have a gallstone too. Things I wouldn't know about if it weren't for having periodic CTscans.......

I just got a verbal report that the MRI of my brain is essentially clear? What does essentially mean? Don't they know that we hang on every word they say about these things?

Please let us know what you find out.

God Bless
Poucho, my mom used to say, "We're not at worried yet - we're at concerned." For what it's worth, it's helped keep me from full blown panic and gotten me through a lot. I hope this turns out to be nothing and that you can move past it. Sending healing thoughts your way.
Good karma coming at you. I have no doubt that whatever this is, things will work out.

Keep yourself busy with other things while you wait for more information. Waiting is the worst thing, I think.

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it has grown and looks suspicious. He wants to treat it in the next few months. We will be doing whats called cryoablation procedure. They insert a probe into the tumor and freeze it. Its has a 95% success rate on first procedure. Its outpatient and no hospital stay required. Should only miss a day or 2 of work. Its very small, 1cm or so, so doc says this would be a good treatment for this.
I wish you the best of success poucho,I am confident that you will overcome this obstacle,I hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family,I will pray for you.
Prayers for you and that this is easily treatable. I know it is frustrating as I have discovered different things just keep popping up with this disease. Wishing you the best

just following up and closing out this post. I had my 2 year followup MRI on this last September and everything looks good and I am done with this issue. Thanks everyone

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