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I've had a J-Pouch since 2010 and it was doing incredible until about last April when I caught a virus that was followed by pouchitis. I've done Cipro, Rifaximin, Levaquin, etc. and all worked great initially but then about 5 or so days into it, they'd start failing. 

Recently, I bought up the idea of converting my pouch and several people advocated that I go to a BCIR. However, it seems like you can pouchitis with the BCIR too? Is this correct? The only reason I'd get rid of the J-Pouch is to escape pouchitis so I'm wondering now if this is a bad decision. Would seem a permanent ileostomy would be the only option that is 100% pouchitis safe. Do I have this right?

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Now that I’m on a good probiotic the bacteria in my system and pouch stays calm and rarely flares. I’m 15 years out too. I find those of us with jpouchs have sensitive digestive tracks and often find the foods we eat are key to keeping things calm as well. I still get iron once a year. Dairy and beef are too hard to breakdown and flare my system along with bloating and pain. I hope this help you in some way.

Which probiotic are you on? I’m 15 years out too and pouchitis is occurring more often. On Bactrim this time. As soon as I stop the 2 week course, cramps etc start again. I am on Rifaximin in between other antibiotics. The Rifaximin ( generic from Canada) doesn’t seem to keep the pouchitis away. 

I also get ironIV once a year  

I have some Vsl double strength I may try  

Any advice appreciated. 

The Best thing I’ve ever learned from good GI doctors is probiotics are a Must for people made like us. Especially when your on antibiotics that really throws your bacteria off. It’s the one pill I can never leave without. There is hardly any in yogurt so people need a pill form.

i take one from an all natural store or Plexus Probio 5 daily.  The plexus one shocked me because I just bought it to shut my friend up selling their stuff. I’ve been on it for over a year now and have tried to get off it and can’t.  It has probiotics and anti inflammatory drugs to keep my inside calm and stuff to breakdown foods in my systems.  When I run out of the plexus stuff I use a regular probiotic pill from an all natural store that is on the shelf ...I don’t buy the  refrigerated probiotics.  

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