I have a scope at 1:00 tomorrow and am unsure how to prep. This is my first time with this doc and he wants me to use to enemas. I have never used one with my pouch. Is that safe to do? My rectum was removed with my colon. My previous doc had me drink 32 oz gatorade with the 4.1oz or 119g of miralax (half of miralax amt for people with a colon). Starting clear liquids tonight for dinner. What is the best way to prep when you have a pouch? 

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I just had a scope with dr Shen (k-pouch) I did exactly what you described, 4 oz miralax with Gatorade zero. They said I could drink something up to 2 hours before scope. I tend to get dehydrated, so that was good news for me.

I drank the miralax around 5 pm and I was done emptying by 8 pm. I also always write down exactly what I did—since I have a scope every year this helps me remember.

good luck.

Tap water enemas are usually sufficient if you’ve been on clear liquids for long enough, and much easier than Miralax, with less risk of dehydration. Most preps replace the irritating solution in a Fleet’s enema bottle with warm tap water.

The scope can rinse away any bits of poop that are in the way. That isn’t practical in a whole colon, but a J-pouch is small.


I put 4 oz Miralax in 40 oz of Gatorade and I only have about 10 oz left. I can’t put anymore in my body and it is working. I have to go NPO at 9:00 AM and my appt is at 1:00 PM. I might  be dehydrated but was afraid to try the enema since that was new to me. Glad to know they can wash some out with the scope if needed. Thank you both for your responses.

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