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Hello all,

Despite having a bit of a rocky start, I have thankfully been doing fairly well and without functional problems! I am coming up on my first pouchoscopy, and I was wondering if it were possible to prep for the procedure without the bowel prep?

I still tend to get dehydrated really quickly, and it would be so much more comfortable for me if I could perhaps just drink liquids 24 hours before the procedure versus using actual prep. I also have a long commute to my doctor, and so it would be really helpful if I could avoid the bathroom continuously.

I'd really appreciate any tips! I do have to get a good reading on this, since I may have some minor problems that we need to look out for (potential tears/bleeding).

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Those laxative preps follow "one size fits all." Before and after my colectomy, I've vomited the preparatory laxative solution several times. The volume of liquid required is usually waaay too large for my stomach.

I understand now that I'm a tall guy with a small stomach. Hard lesson.

At a certain point in experience you inevitably make calls on your own.

Hello, Teddy92.

I am scheduled for endoscopy appointments every six months. My prep for pouch scopes and previously for colonoscopy procedures:  Soft foods three or four days in advance, such as fish, egg, tofu. Foods that are easily digested and pass through cleanly. No red meat, or seeds or grains, no corn or peas, no insoluable food.  Twenty four hours before the procedure I have only clear liquids and clear broth. No cranberry juice or anything with colour. I bring a thermos of warm broth so I can have something to drink right after the procedure when I am usually loopy and tired (I always ask to be sedated for endoscopy or any procedures happening back there!) I try to ease back into solid food afterward. Good luck. I hope your results are clear.

Thank you all so much for the kindness and helpful info! I'll try and do just fluids 24 hours prior to the procedure and will bring an enema bottle to the hospital in case I think it'll help to clear things further before the procedure.

Winterberry, is there a reason you try to ease back into food? I was hoping to eat a normal full meal to help my empty stomach after the procedure!

Hi, Teddy92,

i ease back into solid food after the endoscopy because I've spent a few days slowly emptying my stomach and pouch, and 24 hours pre-scope have only liquids, so I want to help my empty stomach and pouch accept the food without cramps or diarrhea. I start with sips of warm broth when I'm fully awake (I always ask for sedation) then I go home and have rice, pasta or chicken for lunch, although as soon as I'm awake the nurses offer juice and a cookie. Every patient is offered that whether they were sedated or not because of the recent fasting or enema to bring blood sugar back up. I've had three scopes since colon removal a year ago (including the pouchoscopy in preparation for takedown) and 25 years of sedated colonoscopies so I developed this routine that is easy on my stomach, and pouch. Once, I was hungry and we had a big lunch. I was sorry a few hours later with cramps and loose output that I could have avoided. Whatever you decide is best for you, remember to have fluids afterward to replace whatever you lost through enema or food slowdown. 

I haven't had a scope done since my post op scope in 2008. so I'm seeing a different doc. he has me on liquids for 2 days. laxatives the nite before. plus a fleet enema the morning of. and instead of air, uses water during the scope. Is this common?  I tend to have low blood pressure and dehydrate easily.  and my bowels are normally watery. I'm worried about all this. my score is in 2 days. please reply

Deb, this is more prep than most of us go through for pouchoscopy. Clear liquids the day before and a couple of tap water enemas (until clear) on the morning of the procedure is usually sufficient for most purposes. Did you get these instructions directly from the doctor or from some other staff member? They often don't have pouchoscopy-specific instructions prepared, so the staff will say all kinds of things. 

I fast for two days prior to the pouchoscopy just having clear fluids, broths, jello, ect.  Apple juice acts on me like a like a Strong laxative.  The night before I drink some apple juice and after many trips to the bathroom I am then ready for the test.  I never drink apple juice unless I am prepping for a

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